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Fred Armisen and Other Comedy/Music People Discuss the Intersection of Comedy and Music

"Comedy has run alongside rock and indie rock for a long time. John Lennon was funny, so were David Bowie, Ween, Lou Reed, and Devo. The Clash even wrote hilarious liner notes for Sandinista. I have found that even the most serious of bands have had their own inside jokes."

- Fred Armisen to Fast Company in an excellent piece on the intersection of comedy and rock that features quotes from Marc Maron, Tom Scharpling, Aimee Mann, Ben Gibbard, and, best of all, an awesome infographic.

Tom Scharpling Made Another Hilarious Music Video, for Ben Gibbard This Time

Tom Scharpling directing hilarious, polished videos for indie rockers is nothing new, but he continues to excel with the form. Here's the WFMU host's latest comedic rock opus, for Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard's new solo single "Teardrop Windows." The video stars Gibbard and Kurt Braunolher (with cameos from Twitter's Julieanne Smolinski and UCB improviser Jim Santangeli). How many amazing music videos does Scharpling have to direct before somebody lets him make a movie already?