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'The Ben Show' and 'Nathan For You': Banging Gongs and Serving Poop

You can watch the series premieres of The Ben Show and Nathan For You online now if you desire. The shows will be making their debuts on television this Thursday on Comedy Central at 10 and 10:30 p.m. eastern time, respectively.

Maybe its because more cable networks than ever are running original comedic programming, or network brass is sick of relying on the same familiar faces for all of their original shows, but Comedy Central is rolling the dice and uncharacteristically debuting two new shows this Thursday, back to back, hosted by comedians that haven't already been showcased on one of the network's roasts or half-hour standup [...]

Watch Clips from Comedy Central's New Shows 'Nathan for You' and 'The Ben Show'

Comedy Central is releasing two new shows, Nathan for You and The Ben Show, on February 28th, and they just dropped a clip from each one online. In Nathan for You (above), comedian and business degree-holder Nathan Fielder (Jon Benjamin Has a Van) tries to help out struggling small businesses in exciting and sometimes questionable ways. The Ben Show (below) stars comedian Ben Hoffman (InfoMania, Sports Show with Norm Macdonald) in a sketch/man-on-the-street/hidden camera hybrid. You have a month to watch these clips and to decide whether you want to watch these shows or not, which is plenty of time to make such a decision.

Talking With Ben Hoffman About New Series 'The Ben Show' and This Week's Oscar Controversies

It’s hard to imagine a time where the art of comedy didn’t intersect with the art of offense: humor and all the best things about it are often so deeply rooted in racial stereotypes and the social landscape that it consistently splinters the public on just when, if even possible, comedy goes too far. Can an interpersonal joke work if it has no social stigma to play against? While the disputes are many, it’s hard to pinpoint a universal line that should never be crossed and what stigmas are off-limits, and it’s for that reason the most notoriously crude comics are often the most polarizing.

And then there’s Ben [...]

Comedy Central Sets Premiere Dates for New Shows from Nick Kroll, Amy Schumer, and Anthony Jeselnik

Comedy Central just slated a huge batch of new and returning shows for midseason 2013. Here's info on the new shows and when you can see them:

Kroll Show – Jan. 16 - Nick Kroll's new sketch show featuring his beloved characters like Fabrice Fabrice, Bobby Bottleservice, and the Ed Hardy Boyz, plus a slew of new ones and guest stars like Fred Armisen, Andy Daly, Kathryn Hahn, and Ed Helms.

The Jeselnik Offensive – Feb. 19 - Anthony Jeselnik's topical show which sees him tackling the latest headlines, joined by a panel of two other comedians each week.

The Ben Show – Feb. 28 - A [...]

Watch Comedy Central's New Shows 'Nathan for You' and 'The Ben Show' Right Now

Comedy Central has two new shows debuting two weeks from today on February 28th, but the network just put the first episode of each one online today. The first new show is Nathan for You, a "docu-reality" series that stars Nathan Fielder (Jon Benjamin as a Van) as himself, using his business degree to help small business in absurd ways. In the premiere episode, which you can watch here, he offers his services to a yogurt shop and a pizzeria. The other new program is The Ben Show, a sketch show/man-on-the-street/hidden camera hybrid that stars Ben Hoffman (InfoMania, Sports Show with Norm Macdonald) as he navigates a different [...]

Comedy Central Orders Series from Anthony Jeselnik, Amy Schumer and Ben Hoffman for 2013

Comedy Central announced today they picked up three new series to air in 2013. The Ben Show, is a weekly show in which Ben Hoffman embarks on a different life journey. He'll form bands, find religion, audition for a reality show (you know, famous people stuff). Next is a still untilted sketch show from Amy Schumer, in which a series of vignettes are built around her stand-up material. Lastly, there's Anthony Jeselnik's untitled weekly show that is described as a "topical series reflecting his dark and twisted point-of-view." That is vague, so my guess is that each week he picks some celebrity who died and makes fun of [...]