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Taran Killam Looks Back on His Time as One of the Brasky Buddies on 'SNL'

SNL's Taran Killam recently shared his most memorable moment from season 39, which was getting to play one of the legendary Bill Brasky buddies alongside Will Ferrell, David Koechner, and Paul Rudd back in December. He also does a pretty spot-on impression of the beloved Reading Rainbow sound effect.

A Video Guide to 'SNL's Bill Brasky

After a 15-year hiatus, the classic "Bill Brasky" sketch made a comeback on SNL this weekend, with Taran Killam and host Paul Rudd joining Will Ferrell and David Koechner as the rowdy group of bucktoothed alcoholic salesmen who take turns delivering drunken homages to their legendary coworker and son-of-a-bitch Bill Brasky. As one of the earliest collaborations between Will Ferrell and head writer Adam McKay, the "Brasky Buddies" served as some of the most inexplicably funny and quotable 10-to-1 sketches of the late 90s and gave players Mark McKinney and David Koechner (who was hired out of Chicago alongside McKay) some much-needed screen time. The Brasky Buddies have [...]

'SNL' Review: Paul Rudd's 'Anchorman' Ad

The most beloved SNL hosts over the years can make sketch comedy magic with anyone. Justin Timberlake, for example, seemed to hit it off so well with Jimmy Fallon in the early 2000s, but even after Fallon left the show, Timberlake still hosted stellar episodes with whichever lineup of actors and writers happened to be working those seasons. Alec Baldwin is another example — despite being famous for his Scoutmaster and Schweddy Balls bits, Baldwin has never been dependent on any particular writer or cast member to make him look good. Baldwin understands that it's about making everyone else look good, and that's why he's hosted the show 16 [...]