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Bill Gates Explains the Difference Between DOS and XP in This 'Nathan for You' Deleted Scene

Nathan for You's favorite Bill Gates impersonator made an appearance during last night's episode, and Comedy Central just posted the above deleted scene in which Fielder asks him to describe the transition between DOS and later operating systems like Windows 95 and XP. True to his role, the Gates impersonator is very professional with his response and gives Fielder a rambling answer about blogs and adjustable screen size.

Watch an Extended Scene of Bill Gates in Nathan Fielder's 'The Web'

From Tuesday's episode of Nathan For You, here's an extended scene from Nathan Fielder's fake movie, The Web, starring an incredible Bill Gates impersonator as Bill Gates dealing with asteroid/microchip issues.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Both Interviewed Important People Last Night: Al Gore and Bill Gates

Comedy Central's fake news duo each had a big important guest last night. Jon Stewart interviewed Al Gore, while Stephen Colbert talked to Bill Gates. Who came off the best, Gates or Gore? Bill Gates, because Al Gore referred to a comedy sketch as a "skit" during his interview (embedded after the jump). You've hosted SNL, Al Gore! You know better than that!