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Would You Want to Be Roasted? Asking Bill Hader, Paul Scheer, Pete Holmes, and More

With last night's James Franco roast falling more in the tradition of classic roasts, we at Splitsider feel there's reason to be optimistic that upcoming Comedy Central's roasts will be fun, personal affairs rather than mean-spirited skewerings of unlikeable reality show stars. With that in mind, we decided to ask some of our favorite comedians and actors if they would be interested in being roasted, who they would want up on dais, and what faults of theirs would be put on display. Here's what they had to say:

Watch Bill Hader and Paul F. Tompkins Have a Pleasant Conversation

Here's the latest episode of Paul F. Tompkins's excellent web series Speakeasy, in which he has a delightful 23-minute chat with Bill Hader. They cover Hader's entire career in comedy, including his childhood interest in Monty Python, how he felt nervous his first four years at SNL, and not realizing what a genius Kristen Wiig was immediately on the show.

Bill Hader Discusses Writing for 'South Park'

We reported earlier this month that Bill Hader has joined the writing staff of the show full-time for this season now that he's left SNL and is on the west coast. Hader has been serving as a consultant and producer on the show for years. Collider caught up with Hader at Comic-Con where he explained what his role in the South Park writers room is:

I just did the retreat. We start up at the end of August. It's a nice thing because it really is Matt [Stone] and Trey [Parker]. I come in and just help out, and it's just kind of a roundtable every week. [...]

A Stranger on the Street Yelled at Bill Hader About 'SNL'

Here's Bill Hader on Conan last night, telling a story about how a stranger in a cab yelled at him about SNL and addressed him with the name "SNL." Calling an actor by their TV show's name is a great way to get their attention on the street if you don't know their name.

Check out the rest of Hader's Conan appearance below:

Watch Bill Hader Discuss His Eliot Spitzer Impression with Eliot Spitzer

Jay Leno's guests Friday night were Ex-Governor Eliot Spitzer and Bill Hader, who played Spitzer on SNL. Spitzer seemed pretty cool about it.

See below for the rest of Bill Hader's Tonight Show appearance, in which he talked about leaving SNL and moving back to LA and was awkwardly present for Leno confronting Spitzer about the prostitution scandal. It's pretty fun to watch Hader sink into the couch as Leno asks Spitzer point blank "How could you be so stupid?":

Even Though Bill Hader Doesn't Want a Stefon Movie, He and John Mulaney Had an Idea for One

Bill Hader was the guest on the latest episode of Hulu's Larry King Now, and Larry King asked him if Stefon could live on beyond Saturday Night Live. "Possibly," Hader answered. King suggested a Stefon-based sitcom, to which Hader replied, "A sitcom? I haven’t heard that one. People always talk about a movie. A Stefon sitcom would actually be pretty great. Do it multi-camera, and he has, like, a normal neighbor and stuff."

Hader revealed that he and SNL writer John Mulaney had an idea for a Stefon movie but weren't interested. Here's what he said:

“We did have an idea for a movie. We talked a little bit about [...]

Bill Hader, Jonah Hill, and More to Roast James Franco

Comedy Central announced the first batch of comedians who will be performing at the network's upcoming roast of James Franco. Bill Hader, Jonah Hill, Nick Kroll, Natasha Leggero, Jeff Ross, and Sarah Silverman are the first names announced, although additional roasters will be added shortly. It was previously announced that Seth Rogen will be the roastmaster for the event, which is drawing a lot of bigger names than Comedy Central's roasts usually do because this one has an Oscar-nominated actor at its center. The roast is set to film August 25 and will air September 2 at 10pm.

Check out a promo for the Franco roast below:

Highlights from Bill Hader's Reddit AMA

Recently-departed SNL cast member Bill Hader sat down for an AMA question-and-answer session on Reddit yesterday to promote The To Do List, a new movie he plays a supporting role in that his wife Maggie Carey wrote/directed. It's a nice, wide-ranging chat set of questions that cover his favorite SNL sketches, writing for South Park, the time he bugged Michael Showalter in public when he was 22, and the one SNL alum he wishes he could collaborate with.

We gathered up all the best moments from the AMA, and you can check them out below:

Bill Hader Is Writing for 'South Park' Full-Time This Season

Bill Hader has joined the South Park writing staff full-time for the show's upcoming 17th season. Trey Parker revealed the news at Comic-Con yesterday evening while speaking at a panel for the upcoming video game South Park: The Stick of Truth with co-creator Matt Stone. Hader, who was nominated for an Emmy yesterday for his final season of Saturday Night Live, recently moved to LA.

Hader has actually been involved with South Park for years. He began working as a creative consultant for season twelve in 2008. Hader became a producer on the show the following season and has received an Emmy win and an Emmy nomination [...]

Watch Justin Bieber in a Cut 'SNL' Sketch Bill Hader Called "The Greatest Trainwreck Ever"

Here's "Song for Daddy," a cut sketch from SNL's dress rehearsal that NBC just uploaded online this week. It's followed by commentary from Bill Hader and writers Rob Klein and John Solomon, explaining how Hader was playing to an audience full of tween girl Justin Bieber fans who didn't get the sketch and how a stage wall almost collapsed on Justin Bieber a minute into the sketch. (via Warming Glow)

Bill Hader Talks About Trey Parker and Matt Stone Meeting Bill Murray

Here's a clip from last week's episode of the Nerdist podcast with guest Bill Hader, in which Hader tells a couple funny stories about South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who don't normally get starstruck, losing their shit when meeting Bill Murray. (via Warming Glow)

Bill Hader Is Your New John Ratzenberger; Voicing Next Two Pixar Films

Pixar unveiled their slate for the next three years at the D23 expo Friday afternoon, and Bill Hader will be voicing major characters in their next two movies. The studio announced the cast for 2014's The Good Dinosaur, which follows a group of dinosaurs coming across the first human. Raising Hope's Lucas Neff is voicing the lead character, with Hader and Judy Greer as his siblings. 2015's Inside Out, the return of Up director Pete Docter, goes inside a human head and stars the emotions that drive said person. Amy Poehler is the lead as the voice of Joy, with the rest of the cast consisting of Mindy Kaling (Disgust), Lewis [...]

'Andy and His Grandmother': Andy Kaufman Is Still Trying to Mess With You From the Grave

Andy Kaufman is definitely dead. He definitely died at the too-young age of 35 years old of lung cancer in 1984. But because he was a comedian who for the last few years of his life loved to prank people, even smart folks believe that he is still alive. It is the power of Kaufman (and the leg work of Bob Zmuda continually dressing up as Kaufman character Tony Clifton) to keep the ruse going almost thirty years later, but it keeps the spotlight on the practical joke aspect of Andy Kaufman's professional career, and continues to overshadow the other types of comedy he had done. The man did [...]

Bill Hader Will Never Write an Emmy Speech

"I did not write a speech last year. I won’t write a speech [this year]. If I ever did win something, it would be one of those mumbly rambly things that I’ll have to cut myself off. I’ll bring my own music up to cut myself off. I’ll have a little beat box and I’ll play it and then I’ll cut myself off and then leave."

-Bill Hader, who was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Emmy this morning, talking to Vulture about how he doesn't want to write acceptance speeches for awards he's nominated for.