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'Conan' Prop Master Bill Tull Is Back with Some Budget Summer Tips

Conan's no-nonsense prop master Bill Tull returned to offer some financially friendly summer tips last night, including a hassle-free recipe for a delicious tropical drink and the cheapest way to get the full Disneyland experience.

'Conan' Prop Master Bill Tull Offers Some Money-Saving Easter Tips

We're still in a tough economy for many families to afford all the trappings of Easter, but Conan's no-nonsense prop master Bill Tull is here to save the day with more frugal tips so you can enjoy the Lord's resurrection without breaking the bank.

Conan's Prop Master Shares Some Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas

Conan's stingy and no-nonsense prop master Bill Tull gave the audience a few money-saving holiday gift tips last night. I'm not convinced that a bag of cocaine is the cheapest option for a budget-friendly snowman, but you've got to admire this guy's careless confidence. Boom.