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Here's the First 7 Minutes of FX's 'Fargo'

Fargo, FX's new anthology series loosely based on the 1996 Coen Brothers crime-comedy-drama of the same name, premieres on April 15th, and the network released the first seven minutes of the first episode online. Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman pop up in this excerpt from the show, but there's no signs of comedy people like Bob Odenkirk, Key & Peele, Always Sunny's Glenn Howerton, who also have roles in the show. We're just gonna have to wait a couple weeks to see them in Fargo and to find out what the deal with that washing machine is.

Bad Santa Writers Not So Sure About This Sequel

Bad Santa 2 is in the works, but without the original's screenwriters Glen Ficarra and John Requa.  Which is is probably for the best since they have a lot of extremely valid doubts about the sequel. "I don't think a sequel besmirches the original. I think the hard part is you're up against the original," Requa explains, reasoning "It'll be hard, but I don't think it's impossible." Ficarra says, "It's a thankless job, because you're up against big expectations. You can't go in a totally new direction, but if you do an hommage, people think you're ripping off the original."

The larger question for the upcoming film, [...]

'Bad Santa 2' Takes Another Drunken Step Forward

About this time last year, we reported that two different people were working on a sequel to Bad Santa. Well, now Accepted and Hot Tub Time Machine director/ High Fidelity screenwriter Steve Pink is in talks to rewrite one of those drafts, Johnny Rosenthal's to be specific, for him to direct. People have been talking about Bad Santa 2: Badder Santa since the original's release in 2003, so it would be great if they can get it made for the 10-year anniversary. Maybe this one will have rival Santas who thinks they're the real bad Santa, so there is a bad off that is really disgusting and [...]

Bad Santa 2 In The Works With Two Separate Scripts

In a piece of good news for people who love filth and the holiday spirit, the L.A. Times reports that Bad Santa 2 is on the way. Billy Bob Thornton will return as the disgruntled Santa in the sequel to his 2003 black comedy. The twist is that there are currently two scripts commissioned for the sequel: one from writer Johnny Rosenthal, who's Iron Jack was bought by Sony in 2009, and the other from John Phillips, who recently sold his film Dirty Grandpa, which features a "recently widowed, sexually aggressive grandfather." Why Phillips doesn't just go ahead and replace all the "grandpas" with "vomit-soaked Kris Kringles" [...]

Billy Bob Thornton Says Bad Santa 2 Will Shoot This Fall

Billy Bob Thornton says that Bad Santa 2 is currently in rewrites and on track to shoot this fall for a Christmas 2013 release. It's unclear which of the two commissioned scripts got the go-ahead, but either way there will probably be a more than satisfying number of inappropriate come-ons from a boozy St. Nick.

Billy Bob Thornton May Be Starring in Bad Santa 2

Billy Bob Thornton is in talks to star in a sequel to Bad Santa. A rep from the Weinstein Company says "We feel that it’s a Christmas perennial for the R-rated crowd." It is?