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Amy Poehler and Billy Eichner Play "It's Not Pitbull – It's Amy Poehler"

Here's a new clip from this week's Billy on the Street, where Eichner's guest Amy Poehler dons a Pitbull mask only to reveal her true self to a bunch of New Yorkers, while Eichner is sure to also reveal himself as a recurring character on Parks and Rec.

Watch a Sexy New 'Billy on the Street' Game with Paul Rudd

If you'd like to watch Paul Rudd get sexually objectified on the streets of New York, look no further than this sneak peek of tomorrow's new episode of Billy on the Street episode called "Would You Have Sex with Paul Rudd?" It turns out a lot of people would have sex with Rudd whether or not a dollar prize is involved, though that isn't exactly surprising.

Billy Eichner and Neil Patrick Harris Pester New Yorkers About the End of 'HIMYM'

Here's a clip from the newest episode of Billy on the Street featuring How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris. The guys harass a bunch of people on the street about their thoughts on the end of the long-running HIMYM, though Eichner seems more concerned about Cobie Smulders's future than anything else.

Billy Eichner Manages to Be Louder than Hoda and Kathie Lee Combined on 'Today'

If you haven't fully woken up today, the ridiculous combined power of Hoda Kotb, Kathie Lee Gifford, and Billy Eichner will fix that for you in about five seconds. Eichner stopped by Today this morning — which he describes as his own Breaking Bad — to promote the new season of Billy on the Street, play a game of "Celebrity Child or Kentucky Derby Winner," and impatiently writhe in his chair like a toddler while screaming "WE HAVE TO PLAY A GAME!!" when Hoda and Kotb get sidetracked telling him how loud he is. In any case, there's probably no higher compliment for Eichner than being called crazy by [...]

Here's the Trailer for the New Season of Billy Eichner's 'Billy on the Street'

This trailer for the new season of Billy on the Street has Paul Rudd, Seth Meyers, Amy Poehler, Neil Patrick Harris, Lena Dunham, Joel McHale, and all the perky fast-paced outdoor stranger-confronting energy we've come to expect from the wonderful Billy Eichner. Billy on the Street premieres on Fuse March 12th at 11:00PM, so get ready to watch Eichner maniacally run around NYC for another season.

Watch Billy Eichner Lead Joel McHale Through the Mo'Lympics

Here's a clip from last night's Billy on the Street, where Eichner leads guest Joel McHale through a series of physical challenges related to the illustrious career of Oscar-winning actress and talk show host Mo'Nique. Things take a sour turn when McHale says he's a fan of Jake Gyllenhaal, which prompts Eichner to scream at him for the last two minutes of the clip.

Watch Billy Eichner's Genius New Game "She Clucks or She Sucks?"

Here's a clip from last night's new Billy on the Street featuring Eichner quizzing an NYU math student through the game "She Clucks or She Sucks?" in which he has to guess which names are women who are terrible and which are a famous female chicken. Hopefully Eichner's hard work helps spread awareness against Daisy Duck ignorance everywhere.

Billy Eichner Gets New Yorkers to Scream His Favorite Celebrity Tweets

Recently Billy Eichner took to the streets to get strangers to scream some of his favorite celebrity tweets. While most of the New Yorkers didn't seem to grasp the concept of screaming, that doesn't take away from Eichner's excellent taste in celeb tweets, which includes such Twitter legends as Mariska Hargitay, Lenny Kravitz, and Patricia Heaton.

What's on TV this Week: 'Billy on the Street' Makes Its Triumphant Return

After a year-long gap between seasons, Billy Eichner's man on the street game show Billy on the Street returns this Wednesday for its 10-episode third season. The new season is set to feature a whole slew of amazing guest stars, including Amy Poehler, Paul Rudd, Lena Dunham, Seth Meyers, Nick Offerman, and more.

Also making its return this week is Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland's Adult Swim series Rick and Morty, which took a six-week hiatus in the middle of its first season in late January around the time the show was renewed for a second season. While Saturday Night Live is on hiatus this week, [...]

Here's a Holiday-Themed 'Billy on the Street' Featuring Amy Poehler

Billy Eichner appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to show a special holiday edition of Billy on the Street, where he and Amy Poehler breathlessly run around the streets of Manhattan and ambush New Yorkers by testing their Christmas carol lyric knowledge on the spot. Come for the Billy on the Street, stay for Amy Poehler being extremely adorable and visibly uncomfortable with Billy insulting a baby for being named Arrow.

Billy Eichner Celebrates the 10th Anniversary of 'Passion of the Christ' in a Bunny Costume

For this week's pre-Easter episode of Billy on the Street, Eichner gives the film The Passion of the Christ the proper 10-year anniversary celebration it deserves — all it takes is a fluffy pink bunny suit, a basket full of eggs, a lot of screaming at New Yorkers, and a deep love for the 2004 Mel Gibson masterpiece.

Lindsay Lohan and Billy Eichner Got So Mad About 'HIMYM' Ending that They Destroyed a Car

From last night's Billy on the Street, here's Billy Eichner and Lindsay Lohan ("Don't judge!") getting so upset about How I Met Your Mother ending that they use sledgehammers to wreck a car decorated with the HIMYM cast. "I’m really proud of what we did with Lindsay Lohan," Eichner told us in an interview. "[It] has nothing to do with her personal life or the tabloid side of it. I think it’s really funny. Again, I bring her into my world, and she was totally game and brought a lot of energy to the table. I’m excited for people to see that one just because I think it’s showing [...]

Looking Back at Billy Eichner's Pre-'Billy on the Street' Days

Comedian Billy Eichner's hilarious pop culture game show Billy on the Street debuted its third season on cable network Fuse this week, and the show is more popular than ever. The man-on-the-street segments that inspired the show began as YouTube videos that came from a popular live late night show called Creation Nation that Eichner hosted for years in New York. In an interview with us promoting last season of Billy on the Street, Eichner said, "There were lots of other segments on the show that weren't man on the street that people like just as much. This is like the first thing that caught on. I love [...]

Billy Eichner Leads a Lightning Round in This 'Billy on the Street' Sneak Peek

Billy on the Street's third season premieres on Fuse March 12th at 11:00pm, and here's a sneak peek "lightning round" of Eichner doing what he does best — running around New York City with a microphone like an exasperated crazy person and offering strangers a dollar to hide behind trees and shake their fists while yelling "CAROL!" It's tough work but someone's got to do it.