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This Week In Web Videos: 'The Usual Tornado'

“Don’t go to crazy town!” It’s one of the first things every sketch comedy student is taught — or should be. Crazy Town isn’t an actual place, of course; it’s a metaphor for a type of off-the-wall, ungrounded comedy comprised of so many weird elements that the audience isn’t sure what to laugh at and, as a result, doesn’t really laugh at all. Because sketch comedians are so afraid of traveling to Crazy Town, we often write things that stay within the lines of a parody or a character sketch or some celebrity impression. We’re tempted to stay safe within the haven of jokes that are instantly recognizable, in [...]

Stephen Colbert Tours the Intrepid and Hangs with an Old Dude and a Pregnant Lady

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Can we all just agree that Colbert needs to hang out with old people more often? Yes, we can. If Colbert were a magician, old people would be a perfect target for his misdirections. Also, did you see how excited the older fellow was to sing? Not like that classically smug pregnant woman.