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Tim Heidecker's Fake Bob Dylan Song Sounds Pretty Real

Here's "Running Out the Clock," a fake Bob Dylan song that Tim Heidecker of Tim & Eric fame released in advance of Bob Dylan's fake performance at the Super Bowl halftime show, which is not a real thing that will happen this Sunday. I would actually watch the Super Bowl halftime show this year, though, if Tim Heidecker was planning on charging the stage and grabbing the mic from Beyonce so he could sing this song as Bob Dylan.

What Non-Comedy Songs Make You Laugh?

A few days ago, I was listening to "O'Malley's Bar" by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds on the subway, and when Cave sang, "I shot Richard Holmes in the stomach/And gingerly he sat down/And he whispered weirdly, 'No offense'/And then lay upon the ground," I started laughing out loud. Yes, an actual LOL. So much so that I got weird sideways glances from those around me (thank God they didn't know I was chuckling at a song from an album called Murder Ballads).

It's rare to find a song that makes you laugh that isn't by the Lonely Island or Weird Al, or from a novelty musician, like [...]

Jimmy Fallon's Bob Dylan Serenades Us with the Charles in Charge Theme Song

Last night, Jimmy Fallon, musical chameleon, brought out his excellent Bob Dylan to perform the classic theme song from Charles in Charge. I dare you to not smile while watching it! And really, this wouldn't have sounded too out of place on Blood on the Tracks.