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The Johnny Carson Comeback Special That Never Was

On Mark Malkoff’s wonderful Carson Podcast, several guests have been asked about why they believe that when Johnny said goodbye on May 22, 1992 he never returned to television in any substantial form. Several of them say that Johnny cited Bob Hope as the inspiration behind his desire to remain off the air. Hope was being wheeled out on stage until the very end as a comedy icon that performed less and less comedy as the years went on. Carson, on the other hand, wanted to get off the stage before that could happen to him, ensuring that his audience would forever remember him as a master of [...]

It's That Episode 53: Eric Slovin Revisits 'The Bob Newhart Show'

On "It's That Episode" Craig Rowin (UCB Theatre) invites guests over to watch any episode of any TV show they want. They discuss the episode and other crap.

Eric Slovin (Slovin and Allen, SNL) drops by to watch one of his favorite childhood shows, The Bob Newhart Show. Will the show hold up? Will there be tons of dated jokes about divorce and alfalfa sprouts? The answers are "no" and "yes." All that and talk about Eric's first days writing at SNL.

Download now (MP3), listen on iTunes here, stream the full episode below, or listen on Sirius/XM Radio, Channel 406, every Friday at 6pm. [...]

The Road Less Travelled: Eight Comedy Stars Who Took Different Paths to the Top

Oh fame, you are fickle temptress! While the Bill Hickses of the world receive your clammy embrace only after death, you mount yourself on a Dane Cook like a teenager after her first taste of Peach Schnapps! But there are no guarantees in this life. And there are no sure paths to becoming famous. Hundreds of top-notch stand-ups and sketch/improv performers are toiling away in obscurity at this very second (okay, maybe not this very second, but you get the gist).

So, how the hell do you become the next comedy sensation?

While most of our most renowned comedy performers have come up either through stand-up or sketch/improv (the two [...]

The Family's New Coat of Arms, by Jake Tuck

Thanks for coming to the unveiling of the new Pepperton family coat of arms, the updated representation of our clan’s history and values. I have personally designed it to both carry on the ancient tradition of our name and account for our place in the modern world.

Back in the old country, heraldic devices helped us promote our family’s brand. The area peasants needed to be able to easily tell who was winning the jousts or commandeering their stocks of grain. Now we can use it for things like family reunion T-shirts, or as a logo for Pepperton Appliances, once a regional retail giant, now a front for Uncle [...]

Bob Newhart Talks About Clint Eastwood Taking His Bit, Phyllis Diller, and Vacationing with Don Rickles

People like to debate what is and what isn't a stolen joke or bit. And Eastwood's performance was so gruffly rambling that it's hard to tell if there was any ill intent at all. Also, it seems like on his 83rd birthday, Bob couldn't care less. So instead let's just watch the "The Driving Instructor," the legendary bit Eastwood hypothetically aped, and the rest of the interview below:

When Getting Laughs Got You a Grammy

A few months ago, I was trolling Wikipedia to disprove a friend's rash claim that all Grammy Award winners for Album of the Year have been terrible. After I triumphantly pointed out No Jacket Required by Phil Collins, among others, I discovered that twice in the show's history, the big award went to comedy acts. With the Grammys coming up this Sunday, I thought it'd be worth revisiting the time when comedy actually had a shot at the biggest award in music.

In 1961, deadpan superstar Bob Newhart won for his debut stand-up record, The Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart: The Most Celebrated New Comedian since Attila. That title [...]

Louis C.K., Melissa Leo, 'Childrens Hospital' Won at the Creative Arts Emmys

The Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards, where awards are given to technical positions as well as categories that don't quite fit into the main Emmys night, were held last night, and as is the way with award shows these days, Louis C.K. did pretty well for himself. He won for Outstanding Writing For A Variety Special for his HBO special, Oh My God, and Melissa Leo won Outstanding Guest Actress In A Comedy Series for her fantastic appearance on Louie. 

Other big comedy winners included Bob Newhart for Outstanding Guest Actor In A Comedy Series for his turn on The Big Bang TheoryChildrens Hospital for Short-Format Live-Action Entertainment Program, and Outstanding Interactive [...]

The 20 Specials of Christmas: The Bob Newhart Show

Like Newhart's comedy, this special takes a little time to ramp up to greatness. The first few scenes are your regular Christmas special cliches: gifts awkwardly exchanged, one member of a couple being more giving than the other, etc.

But once Bob gets into his routine about Christmas parties, the special becomes really funny. Newhart sells well-trodden the tropes of awkward parties and guilt as new and fresh.