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Patton Oswalt Shares His "Beyond Bombing" Standup Memory on 'Late Night'

All standups have at least one memory of bombing in front of an audience, but during last night's Late Night, Patton Oswalt shared a "beyond bombing" experience he had in Roanoke, Virginia thanks to a bad stomach flu and one rowdy man in the crowd. Watch more from Oswalt's interview below:

An Animated Tig Notaro On Why It's Good to Be Disliked in Suburban Denver

Dumb Denver (DENVER! YEAH!) crowd from the past, you don't know anything about anything. First, all your faces are weird. Second, who actually throws tomatoes? Did your friend call you up and say, "Do you want to go to this comedy show? Make sure you bring a tomato, you know how we do." Or do you just always carry around a tomato, hoping someone will stop you on the street with an incomplete salad emergency? Maybe next time, skip the comedy show and go directly to whatever sauce-making after-party you were planning on attending afterward.

Jimmy Fallon Offers Some Solid Advice on Fear and Bombing in Standup

Here's a Tonight Show web extra featuring Jimmy Fallon answering a fan's question about bombing and being scared back when he started out as a standup, including a fun story about a time he bombed with a Catskills resort audience that included his grandfather/ride home.

Bombing in Afghanistan

Sometimes the sound of silence is strangling. Sometimes the stares of an unmoved audience are so disconcerting you lose your place, your words, and your confidence. Sometimes you wonder why you took the chance getting on stage in the first place.

Afghanistan is not a funny place. It is a place of death, war, and beheadings. There is also no comedy scene on my base. I’ve heard of comedians visiting other bases, but never ours. So I took it upon myself and my comedy skills to bring humor to our little outpost in this barren graveyard of empires.

My attempt failed miserably.