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Chris Hardwick, Cameron Esposito, Reggie Watts, and More Join Bonnaroo's 2015 Comedy Lineup

The Bonnaroo Music Festival announced its 2015 comedy lineup today, and it's packed with funny people: Chris Hardwick, Reggie Watts, Natasha Leggero, Jeff Ross, Ron Funches, Moshe Kasher, Ralphie May, Nick Thune, Ian Edwards, Ari Shaffir, Kurt Braunohler, Big Jay Oakerson, Dan Soder, Jamie Lee, Cameron Esposito, Matt McCarthy, and Mark Normand. The festival runs from Thursday, June 11 through Sunday, June 14 in Manchester, Tennessee, and more comedians will be announced in the coming months. Head over to Bonnaroo's website for more information.

The Bonnaroo 2014 Comedy Preview

Now in it’s 13th year, the Bonnaroo Music and Arts festival continues to draw big crowds to a 700 acre plot of farmland in Manchester, Tennessee, about one hour outside of Nashville. While music is the driving force behind the festival, live comedy has become a staple since its introduction in 2005. In addition to scheduled sets, it’s not uncommon to see comics making surprise appearances all over the festival, both on-stage and off. This year’s comedy lineup, which kicks off tomorrow, boasts an eclectic blend of heavy hitters, rising young comics, current SNL cast members and the chance to interact with some of comedy’s best filmmakers.

Some of [...]

JB Smoove: "Wash Your Ass" x 8,000

National treasure JB Smoove went to Bonnaroo. Knowing how instantly hilarious that is, the festival folk thought it was a good idea to just film him doing Smoove stuff. They were right. What they didn't know was that Smoove would also up the festival's overall standard of living. When Smoove says, "Wash your ass," you wash your ass, even if you're Canadian, where they only bath in maple syrup and hockey pucks. As you can see below, he also indulged some hippy's drumming and forced a girl to cry for Radiohead. Classic BonnaSmoove.

Surviving Bonnaroo

Within an hour of arriving at Bonnaroo, I‘d stumbled into a smoky circle of kids from Annapolis. Across from me sat a shirtless boy who, between long draws from a Camelbak, kept loudly referencing The Tao of Pooh; to my right, one showing off the glass pipes he’d picked up at a roadside 3-for-1 sale. I checked my phone: still no service. With about 75 more hours of festival to go, this did not bode well.

A cross between Woodstock and spring break (circa 1998), in its ten-year run Bonnaroo has earned a reputation as a drug friendly hippie holiday, a completely immersive experience as focused on fostering [...]

Ansari, Holmes, Schumer, Wright, Maron & More to Crush Bonnaroo With Comedy

Bonnarooooo: not just a fun thing to yell when you're drunk and pretending to be a wolf! It's also a good source of comedy. The festival has paired up with Comedy Central for the comedy portion of its 11th incarnation this June 7-10, and they've announced performances from Aziz Ansari, Pete Holmes, Amy Schumer, Steven Wright, Garfunkel & Oates, Marc Maron, and more (full list below). Now go arrange your rides to Tennessee in the comments.

Watch Hannibal Buress and Danny Brown Drive Around Bonnaroo in a Golf Cart

Ahead of tonight's big lineup announcement, Bonnaroo posted a brand new clip today from last year's show featuring Hannibal Buress and rapper Danny Brown (and later, special guest Seth Herzog) riding around the festival grounds on a golf cart while interacting with fans, discussing standup and hip hop, and briefly getting in trouble with a security guard who takes the Bonnaroo golf cart traffic rules very seriously.

Here's Bonnaroo's 2014 Comedy Lineup

The Bonnaroo Music Festival announced its 2014 comedy lineup today. Craig Robinson & The Nasty Delicious, Taran Killam, Hannibal Buress, Neal Brennan, TJ Miller, Rory Scovel, Bridget Everett & The Tender Moments, Sasheer Zamata, Seth Herzog, Emily Heller, and Brad Williams will all be performing at Bonnaroo's comedy theater.

The festival runs from June 12 to the 15th this year. Started in 2002, the Bonnaroo Music Festival has featured a comedy stage annually since 2005, with acts like Chris Rock, Louis C.K., Jimmy Fallon, Janeane Garofalo, Zach Galifianakis, Tig Notaro, and more having performed there in past years.

Is Pete Holmes Dave Koechner's New Best Friend? Are You?

Dave Koechner looked for a new best friend at Bonnaroo, the home of new best friends. As the clip below suggests, he only really tried out comedians and famous people, much to the chagrin of that guy who has went alone to see Widespread Panic 78 times and had to get new soles for his Birckenstocks before this year's "Roo." Is Pete Holmes the man for the job? Well, it doesn't seem like Pete gets the difference between friend and worst enemy that you hate and wish dies of loneliness and wrong career decisions, so probably not.

Chris Gethard Makes it to Bonnaroo Alive, Part 1

Our woman at the festival informs us that Chris Gethard killed it last night at Bonnaroo, which means he got there alive! As the video above proclaimed, Chris Gethard set out to get from Los Angeles to Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee without a phone or any money. The videos he shot along the way range from hilarious to tense to heartwarming to frightening. Here are the first 16, which take him from his preparatory visit with his Mom to a little league game in Denver.

Things Are Lookin' Pretty Dudetastic at the Bonnaroo Comedy Tent

Hey, remember when there was a bit of a kerfuffle over SxSW's inanely gender imbalanced comedy lineup? I'm sure any festival that books large numbers of comedians learned something from that, right? Hahaha, I am glad we can look back on that and laugh! With Bonnaroo happening this weekend, we can see how far things have come in just a few months, I'm sure. Let's look at the lineup!

Watch Chris Gethard Tell His Bonnaroo Drug Story on His Comedy Central Special

Chris Gethard's standup special, part of Comedy Central's series The Half Hour, is set to air this Friday at midnight, and here's an exclusive preview clip from the special, in which Gethard describes the time he did molly for the first time at the music festival Bonnaroo and got pretty freaked out. Also, according to Gethard, "Jigger!" is the word in the clip that is bleeped out for some reason.

Part two of the clip is below:

Watch David Cross Announce Bonnaroo's Comedy Lineup

Tennessee-based music festival Bonnaroo announced its comedy lineup today, by having David Cross do it really really far away from the camera they were filming him with. It's how all important announcements should be made from now on.

Hit the jump for the full comedy lineup:

Chris Gethard Makes it to Bonnaroo Alive, Part 2

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, Chris Gethard isn't dead. He made it to Bonnaroo to do his Chris Gethard thing. However, it's important you see for yourself. When we last saw Gethard, he was in Denver watching a tee ball game. The next video finds Chris going completely rogue. No cameraman, no Bananaman, just him, hitchhiking. We already know he isn't dead but if he were going to die, it would be here. Then watch the final videos through his triumphant Bonnaroo set.

Chris Gethard to Walk From LA to Bonnaroo, Probably Die in the Process

Chris Gethard and the group of weirdos and outcasts that participate in his cable access talk show/experiment The Chris Gethard Show love stunts, and they especially love stunts that put Chris in humiliating, dangerous or painful situations. So it's only natural that before the show sets up shop and performs at Bonnaroo this summer, Gethard is going to try to make it from LA to the festival in Tennessee with no money and no phone, relying entirely on strangers from the internet to help and/or hurt him. The whole thing will be taped, with daily updates on Geth's journey to be uploaded to the official Bonnaroo YouTube [...]