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'The Daily Show's Jason Jones to Star in NBC Pilot from 'Borat' Co-Writer

Longtime Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones may be moving to network TV in the fall. THR reports that Jones has landed one of the lead roles in Love Is Relative, a single-camera comedy created by Dan Mazer, Sacha Baron Cohen's former writing partner who wrote on Borat, Brüno, and Da Ali G Show. Love Is Relative follows a husband (Jones) and wife (Leslie Bibb) who start to second-guess their marriage when her just-divorced brother (standup Barry Rothbart) moves in with them.

If NBC orders Love Is Relative to series, Jones would leave The Daily Show, where he's been a correspondent since 2005. The Daily Show recently lost correspondents Al Madrigal [...]

The Dictator's General Aladeen Will Attend the Academy Awards

Get ready for a red carpet scandal. Sacha Baron Cohen wants to attend the Academy Awards as his character from The Dictator, but there's a chance the Academy will veto his costume choice. They're not big fans of promoting specific movies during the Oscar telecast, apparently. But at least for the pre-show red carpet, it doesn't seem like the Academy has much of a leg to stand on – they can't stop an actor from wearing what he wants, right? Plus, total commitment to the character is SBC's whole shtick. It's actually kind of surprising that he hasn't already tried to attend the Oscars as Borat or Bruno.

Talking to 'Borat' and 'Bruno' Co-Writer Dan Mazer About His New Movie 'I Give It a Year'

As Sacha Baron Cohen's longtime writing/producing partner, Dan Mazer is responsible for co-scripting BoratBrüno, and both the US and UK versions of Da Ali G Show, but now he's going out on his own with a new comedy that he wrote and directed solo. Called I Give It a Year, Mazer's feature directorial debut stars Rose Byrne, Rafe Spall, Anna Faris, Simon Baker, Stephen Merchant, and Minnie Driver. The film hits theaters tomorrow in the States following its UK release. I recently had the chance to talk with Mazer about the comfort of making a non-prank movie, his love of Nathan for You, and the next wave of British comedians [...]

The Lost Roles of Sacha Baron Cohen

After bursting onto the American comedy scene in Borat, Sacha Baron Cohen has arguably had the most success in the US out of a recent pack of British comic actors that have sought stardom in Hollywood, besting the likes of Ricky Gervais, Steve Coogan, Simon Pegg, and Russell Brand with appearances in wildly-popular films like Borat, Talladega Nights, and Brüno.

Baron Cohen isn't afraid to shy away from the spotlight, taking long breaks between his projects – partly because he's very selective and partly because a lot of stuff he's signed on for has fallen apart. He's starred in a diverse array of films outside of his own comedies, [...]

Sacha Baron Cohen Still Hasn’t Played Every Despicable Character, Moving from Dictator to Homophobe

Last week, Hong Kong billionaire Cecil Chao made headlines when, upon hearing his daughter was wedding her longtime girlfriend, offered $64 million to any man who can succeed in marrying her instead. While the news story prompted disgust and outrage from most people who heard it, it prompted a movie idea from Sacha Baron Cohen, who was keen enough to realize that Chao’s bigotry would make for an excellent big budget comedy. Baron Cohen has sold Paramount a movie called The Lesbian, which is based on the news story and would presumably see him playing the intolerant billionaire. Having crossed evil dictator and now, raging homophobe of his [...]

An Unofficial Borat Sequel Is Coming Out of Kazakhstan

Borat is getting an unofficial sequel/Kazakhstanian tourism video called My Brother, Borat. It stars the oft-referenced Bilo, who Borat claims to keep in a cage. Well, apparently Bilo got out, and he's on a mission to repair the damaged reputation of his homeland. This won't end well.