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Vince Vaughn's 'Unfinished Business' Bombed at the Box Office This Weekend

Vince Vaughn's latest starring role alongside Dave Franco in Unfinished Business debuted in theaters this weekend, and the numbers aren't looking so good. According to Deadline, the film debuted with $4.8M in 2,777 theaters, making it a bigger bomb than Vaughn's 2013 film Delivery Man and the lowest-ever opening for a wide release. This makes Unfinished Business Vaughn's fifth box office bomb since Couples Retreat in 2009, so hopefully his turn in the second season of HBO's True Detective will help him break his recent string of bad luck.

'Identity Thief' Tops the Box Office, Becoming the First Big Hit Comedy Since 'Ted'

The past six months have been pretty sluggish for comedies at the box office, with high-profile movies like This Is 40 and Guilt Trip faring worse than expected, but comedy's dry spell seems to be over. This weekend, the Jason Bateman-Melissa McCarthy vehicle Identity Thief topped the charts, earning $36.6 million despite mostly negative reviews from critics. Last weekend's #1 movie, Warm Bodies, a zombie rom-com, came in second with $11.5 million. Identity Thief and Warm Bodies are the first comedies to top the box office since Seth MacFarlane's Ted was #1 for a single weekend last summer. Please use the comments section to thank me for not giving this post one of those [...]

'The Campaign' Opens Strongly with the Highest Debut for a Political Movie Ever

The Campaign opened this weekend, and it clocked a strong second place behind The Bourne Not-Matt-Damon with $27.44 million in receipts. That's not as big as many blockbuster comedy openings like The Hangover Part II, but it's pretty great for a summer that's seen almost no comedies succeed. It has a steep hill to climb to catch Ted, which is by far the biggest comedy of the summer with nearly $210 million (!!!) made so far, but it should at least beat The Dictator, which is currently the second biggest comedy of the summer with about $60 million made so far.

And its in line with the opening [...]

'Moonrise Kingdom' Breaks Limited Release Opening Records

After over a decade of mixed reviews and lacking box office returns, Wes Anderson seems poised to have another breakout hit on his hands. Moonrise Kingdom, which is currently at a career-high 96% on Rotten Tomatoes, made $669,486 over Memorial Day Weekend on just four screens. The film ended up averaging $130,752 per theater over the weekend, beating the previous record average held by Dreamgirls. It's hard to guarantee this will mean large box office returns when the film opens wide in June but it sure is heartening. Since The Royal Tenebaums in 2001, Wes Anderson has struggled to build much momentum for his films. The Darjeeling Limited [...]

Our Idiot Brother, Meet Hurricane Irene. Irene, Meet Our Idiot Brother

According to Deadline, Our Idiot Brother's weekend box office blew in at #6, a position for which it tied with Spy Kids 4D. What with 1,000 theaters closed up and down the East Coast, the entire weekend might turn out to be the worst moviegoing weekend in 2011 so far, though on the flip side no one got decapitated by an stop sign on their way to see Colombiana.

'Grown Ups 2' Somehow Had a Bigger Opening Than the Original 'Grown Ups'

The slightest of several terrible things that happened this weekend was Grown Ups 2 becoming a big hit. While a poorly-reviewed Adam Sandler movie making a ton of money is nothing new, what's surprising about this is that Grown Ups 2 made more money than the original, despite receiving worse reviews and the fact that audiences knew what to expect from a Grown Ups movie going in this time around.

Grown Ups 2 grossed $42.5 million its opening weekend, recouping more than half of its $80 million budget in just a few days. It came in pretty close behind Despicable Me 2's $44.7 and narrowly beating Pacific Rim's $38.3. [...]

‘Ted’ Is the #1 Original R-Rated Comedy Ever; Seth MacFarlane Finally Finds Success

Seth MacFarlane has been waiting around for his big break for a while now. Sure, he has three hit TV shows, is hosting the Oscars, and made the highest-grossing comedy movie of the year, but no one’s really a success in this industry until they’ve written and directed the #1 original R-rated comedy of all-time, worldwide. This past weekend, MacFarlane’s first movie Ted reached an estimated $469 million worldwide gross, surpassing The Hangover, which had $467.5 million, to become the top original R-rated comedy ever. With things finally going Seth MacFarlane’s way, he should have an easier time landing his second movie and getting his agent to return his calls.

'The Watch' Wasn't Watched this Weekend

The Watch earned only $13 million this weekend, which is frankly pretty damn bad. It's exactly the same amount as what That's My Boy disappointedly earned its opening weekend. The Olympics might've hurt it a little but apparently it was tracking poorly as is. There just was no buzz surrounding the film. It probably didn't help that only three months ago the movie ending up changing its title out of respect to Trayvon Martin. However, ultimately, this movie had three of the type of stars that should be able to open a movie and none of them were able to woo America. Especially since by all accounts [...]

What Does 'Five-Year Engagement's' Box Office Disappointment Suggest About the State of Apatowian Comedies?

Five-Year Engagement earned $11.2 million this weekend, which is nearly half what was being predicted. It's also by far the lowest of the recent era of Apatowian films and it seems to be part of slow falling out of favor for his brand of comedies.

American Exports: The Top 10 Highest-Grossing Comedies Overseas

The rest of the world just doesn’t understand our humor. In a recent article in the LA Times, it was reported that studio fat cats are reluctant as ever to greenlight new comedies because of their poor box office potential overseas, “where culturally specific humor can be difficult to translate.” As your resident comedy tourism expert at Splitsider, I can attest to the fact that, no doy, humor is typically a culture-specific phenomenon. Even a fart joke might not translate depending on the context in which it is presented and the socially accepted norms of the audience. But that doesn’t mean the world doesn’t have a sense of [...]

'The Heat' Destroyed 'White House Down' This Weekend

Score one for comedy: this past weekend, The Heat made a whopping $40 million, easily taking down the Channing Tatum/Jamie Foxx/explosions action movie White House Down, which pulled in a mere $25.7 million. It puts it on track to potentially be the biggest comedy of the year so far: Identity Thief, which holds that spot at the moment with $171 million made so far, had a $34.5 million opening weekend. Of course, The Hangover Part III opened with a slightly higher $41.6 million opening weekend, but awful reviews and terrible word of mouth killed most of its momentum.

However it ends up doing, it's pretty awesome to [...]

'Sleepwalk With Me' Killed It this Weekend

Sleepwalk With Me ran awake this weekend. On just one screen it earned $65,000. This had a lot to do with Ira Glass and Mike Birbiglia vowing to be at every single showing. Either way it worked exactly as planned. Better yet, its $65,000 per-screen average trounced The Avengers $47,698 opening average. In you face, Joss Whedon. Your movie lost to the movie you jokingly protested as a way of promoting the work of your friends. I bet you're going to have trouble sleeping on the pile of residual checks you've received from the $1.5 billion your movie made. (P.S. You should probs deposit those checks.) [...]

What Does the Opening Weekend Failure of 'That's My Boy' Mean?

Up until this weekend there were arguably two true movie stars: Will Smith and Adam Sandler. Now there is one (maybe) and it isn't Adam Sandler. A real movie star is not just a very famous person or an actor/actress who seems to always get big parts. Movie stars can open movies by themselves. Movie stars guarantee an $100 million box office regardless of the quality of the film. That was Adam Sandler last June but it isn't him anymore, as That's My Boy finished this past weekend in 5th place, earning only $13 million.

Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star Blows It at the Box Office

Guys, despite my best efforts, Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star's box office was as shrimpy as Bucky's own infant-sized phallus. C'est la micropenis. According to Box Office Mojo, Bucky pulled in a grand total of $1.45 million at 1,500 theaters, averaging out to approximately 8 audience members at each screening, the exact number that were at the show I saw. Oh, Math! Rotten Tomatoes currently has the film rated 1.9 out of 10 and somehow doesn't even have a percentage rating yet, which I imagine isn't a great sign. On the plus side, the film did cause the New York Times' A.O. [...]