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A Company Asked Patton Oswalt to Tweet About Popular Brands, and It Blew Up in Their Face

Friday afternoon, a company called Brander solicited comedian Patton Oswalt via Twitter to ask him to tweet about products they represent, and Oswalt ended up having a lot of fun with it. He went on a tear making fun of the company and their strategy with a series of tweets that amassed hundreds of retweets and attention from the press. You'd think it'd be enough to shame Brander into not publicly asking comedians to tweet about brands for them, but they're still at it apparently.

Check out the full set of tweets below:

.@BA_Influencers Can we cut out the middleman and you guys just take a big, [...]

The Comedy Consultant: 8 Ideas For Your Unique Comedy Brand

Like everything else in our hyper-connected multi-platform macro-digital age, comedy has become increasingly fragmented. Whereas once comedians could be easily placed into three very broad categories — “Men”, “Women”, or “Black People” — and marketed accordingly, now there are a seemingly infinite number of niche subcultures within the comedy community, each with its own unique demographics and strat.

So before you worry about writing down a single joke or trying to have an original thought, it is crucial for you to first decide on a unique comedy “brand” so you can easily market/promote yourself. Here are eight established ideas for you to choose from:

Is the New Comedy Central Logo Bad, or Do You Just Hate Change?

A professional in the worlds of branding and corporate identity takes a look at the new Comedy Central logo: "The two basic complaints are that a) it’s boring and b) it looks like the copyright symbol. Both complaints are typical knee-jerk reactions that are very undeserved for a channel that is very smart about its programming and positioning. So, let’s argue."

Say Hello to Comedy Central's New Look and Logo

Comedy Central just unveiled its new makeover, its first major redo in over a decade. It's a play on the copyright symbol, and it's certainly a much cleaner look than their current logo. Here's a video promoting the new design, including a peek at a serious overwhelming looking Comedy Central iPad app: