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Terry Gilliam Feels Every Cut as a Castration

Months after Terry Gilliam's Brazil was already a success abroad, he and the studio were still fighting over how to cut it for America. When the studio head at the time, Sid Sheinberg, wanted to turn the very dark comedy into a light-hearted romp, Gilliam came at him hard. Well, as hard as a letter can be. He wrote:

I am not sure you are aware of just how much pain you are inflicting, but I don't believe "responsibility to the company" in any way absolves you from crimes against even this small branch of humanity. As long as my name is on the film, what is done [...]

The Backlash Against Brazil's Anti-Humor Law

Welcome to beautiful Rio de Janeiro. Home to the world-famous Carnvial, Christ-the-Redeemer, Stan Getz’s Ipanema, caiprihinas, samba! And also home to a lot of Brazilian comedians, many of who took to the streets last August to protest censorship. And when I say streets, I mean Copacabana beach — this is Rio after all.

Depending on your familiarity with Rio de Janeiro, you may think it’s all sunshine, dancing, and men in speedos. And you wouldn’t be totally wrong. But the Brazilian government as a whole still struggles with staggering corruption percentages and crime in Rio continues to be a problem. But all eyes are on cleaning up Rio in [...]