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Sketch Anatomy: Brian Stack on the Traveling Salesman and His Many Other 'Conan' Characters

Welcome to our column Sketch Anatomy, where we ask some of our favorite television writers to choose any sketch — one they personally wrote or one from history they find particularly hilarious, notable, or underappreciated — to learn from a writer's perspective what separates a successful sketch from the rest.

Every longtime Conan O'Brien fan knows the work of Brian Stack, who joined the Late Night writing staff in 1997 and helped define Conan as the unpredictable oddball of the late night talk show circuit for the last 20 years. Stack has shown up on 30 Rock, The Office, Parks and Recreation, and elsewhere, but he's best known [...]

Watch a Recently Unearthed 1986 Interview with Improv Godfather Del Close

Here's a recently unearthed gem: it's an interview with Del Close from Chicago public access TV in 1986 done by current Conan writer Brian Stack. If you're unfamiliar with Del Close, he basically created longform improv and taught an incredible number of famous comedic actors, from John Belushi and Bill Murray to Tina Fey and Stephen Colbert. He's such a mythic figure in the comedy world, having died in 1999 at age 64, that it's surreal to watch him talk about the artform that he invented in such clear, direct language. Here's Stack on the story behind this video:

I’m proud to say I shot this “interview” the [...]

Conan O'Brien and Brian Stack Want to Make "Anon" a Cool Word Again

Here's a short and sweet clip from last night's Conan, in which O'Brien and writer Brian Stack state their case for why the word "anon" deserves a glorious comeback. It does sound a lot classier than "turducken."

Conan's Brian Stack Shares the Origins of 'Slipnutz' and Other Dumb Classic Bits

"It was a very late night and we had no middle-of-the-show sketch for the next day. We just had nothing. And we noticed that the band Slipknot was booked for the next day. They’re this metal band that wears horror masks and there’s a horror-movie look to them. We just started joking around and wondering if there was a goofy comedy group booked for the same night by mistake called 'Slipnutz.' So me, [Jon] Glaser and [Andy] Blitz started kicking around ideas and we just decided, what if it was three goofy guys that came out and poured nuts on the ground and then slipped on them and sang a [...]