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Jimmy Fallon and Brian Williams Slow Jam the Immigration News

The Tonight Show returned with a brand new installment of "Slow Jam the News" with Brian "Breezy Weezy" Williams last night, this time to cover the latest updates on US immigration and Obama's recent executive order. There's also at least one Peter Pan Live! joke at Williams's expense.

Somebody at 'Jimmy Fallon' Made Brian Williams Rap Again

Last month, Jimmy Fallon started airing clips of Brian Williams edited together to classic rap songs, which actually turned out to be a great match. Fallon debuted a new one on the show last night: Brian Williams doing Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch's "Good Vibrations." Hopefully, they get the real Brian Williams in on this in some way at some point.

Jimmy Fallon Recruits Maya Rudolph, Patton Oswalt & Jason Segel for Christmas Mad Libs

Jimmy Fallon offered up a new spin on his traditional reading of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, mad-libbing it with guests Martin Short, Patton Oswalt, T.I., Maya Rudolph, Jesse Eisenberg, Jack McBrayer, Brian Williams, Zac Efron, Howie Mandel, Jason Segel and Walter the Muppet. I don't want to spoil too many of their beautiful, reverent verses, so I shall only say this: Merry Christmas to all, and to all a fried penis.

Jon Stewart Will Appear On The Hotly Anticipated Rock Center With Brian Williams

I'm not being sarcastic or getting paid to say this, but it's really obvious to me that Rock Center With Brian Williams is gonna be the chillest, hippest news broadcast ever. Here's why:

1) Jon Stewart will be appearing on tonight's premiere episode.

3) There are technically, as of now, no other "hip" news broadcasts.

3) It has "rock" right in the name! And not just like, it's one of many places where people rock. This is Rock CENTER.

4) B-Wills went on Fallon to promote it via slow-jam.

5) It has a conversation pit (as seen in the tour B-Dubs gave Al Roker), the hallmark [...]

David Letterman Makes Brian Williams Acutely Uncomfortable

Last night, Letterman went on a tear about new House Majority Leader John Boehner and his propensity to cry at just about anything. This made life difficult for newsman Brian Williams, who needs to pretend to respect such scumbags.

Watch Brian Williams Rap "Gin and Juice" on 'The Tonight Show'

NBC news anchor Brian Williams was a guest on The Tonight Show last night, and Fallon welcomed him back the only way he knows — by mashing up a bunch of his Nightly News clips into a full rap video of Snoop Dogg's "Gin and Juice."

Somebody at 'Jimmy Fallon' Edited Brian Williams Clips Together to Make Him Rap a Snoop Dogg Song

I don't know how much time went into editing this footage of newsman Brian Williams together to make it so he's rapping Snoop Dogg's "Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang," but I want more.

Brian Williams Will Grill Marcel the Shell on Rock Center

The two greatest minds of our modern age, together at last. Marcel the Shell will appear on Rock Center With Brian Williams tonight, where presumably he and Brilliams will discuss the collapse of the euro and the Republican presidential candidates. I'm joking but I actually cannot wait to hear what Marcel has to say about current events.

Brian Williams, Comedian

For those of us in the generation that never thinks to get its news from a nightly network newscast, Brian Williams is known more as a guy who makes reliably hilarious cameos in various NBC shows, most notably 30 Rock and Late Night, than a trusted news anchor. And he seems OK with that. New York profiles the newsman this week, looking at his comedic sensibilities and ambitions. It helps that Williams is a student of the form. Fey accuses him of having “a nerdy obsession with comedy,” the kind you typically find among comedians. Williams confesses that while he dreamed of being Cronkite as a kid, he [...]

Arsenio Hall and Brian Williams Have a 48-Hour Feud

In a Monday Nightly News segment about late night hosts, Brian Williams presented a Brady Bunch-style graphic of hosts including Conan O'Brien, Andy Cohen, Stephen Colbert, and more, but Arsenio Hall was notably left out. The following night, Hall addressed the omission on his show and delivered a request to Brian Williams: "If you're doing a story about late night, all I ask if that you mention me. You don't even have to use a photo. I know how journalism is these days. Use Samuel Jackson — it doesn't even have to be my photo." Thanks in part to a threat by Hall's guest Suge Knight, Williams swiftly [...]

Letterman Goofs on Karl Rove's Fox News Hissy Fit

Brian Williams went on The Late Show with David Letterman to discuss the election last night, and Letterman had a go at Karl Rove for his Fox News temper tantrum. It was a nice chance for Letterman to show off the perfect Karl Rove impression Letterman's been hiding from us all these years.

30 Rock's Tina Fey To Rock Rock Center With Brian Williams At 30 Rockefeller Center

Proving once and for all the correctness of my theory about Rock Center being extremely cool, Tina Fey will guest on next Monday's episode. It's fantastic news for all of us who are in 30 Rock withdrawal, and also all of us who are interested in saying "rock" a lot. Hopefully Tina Fey will talk about what we can expect on this season of the show, and what song she sings to her newborn second daughter as she rocks her to sleep. Perhaps she and Brian Williams will play some music and just rock out. But really, even if it's a boring interview, we love her so [...]

30 Rock Gets Animated

As part of the lead-up to the 100th episode of 30 Rock tonight, NBC is releasing some online-only animated shorts featuring voices from the show. The first one is above, with Jack Donaghy showing off his superpowers in order to procure some froyo from a dastardly Brian Williams. But of course!