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Above Average and UCB Comedy Are Partnering Up

Web video makers Above Average and UCB Comedy are teaming up. Above Average announced today that UCB Comedy is becoming an official partner of the Above Average network and that the two entities will now co-produce new sketch videos to appear on Above Average's YouTube channel and website. Writers, performers, and sketch groups from the UCB Theatre have been making digital content for Above Average since the digital network launched in 2012 (on web series like Thingstarter, Rejected Pitches, That Couple You Know, and more), but this is the first official partnership and UCB's digital wing. Other Above Average partners include sketch groups BriTANick, The Lonely Island, and Greg [...]

Above Average Network Debuts New Web Series 'I Expect You to Die' Featuring Kate McKinnon

Here's the first episode of I Expect You to Die, a new web series from New York-based sketch group Captain Hippo, produced for Above Average, the YouTube channel from Lorne Michaels's production company Broadway Video. I Expect You to Die follows a stand-off between a James Bond-esque spy and his evil mastermind foe, with SNL's Kate McKinnon playing a supporting role. It's proof that there are still new funny ways to make a James Bond parody, even when it feels like every possible angle has been done before.

This Week In Web Videos: 'Sugarboy'

Raw, unbridled creativity may be the stuff of pure genius, but it's rarely what we see on screen. Somewhere in between a creator's hatching a wild idea and wide dissemination of that nugget of would-be beautiful, groundbreaking insanity, brilliance becomes watered down vanilla fare. Flickers of original concepts are barely visible, trapped beneath think packaging slapped on to make the whole shebang more marketable or salable or more like Bridesmaids (love Bridesmaids, of course). This is almost always the case in TV and film. In web media, it varies. There are ample opportunities to be left-of-center, but tiny (if existent) production budgets and fear of losing clicks usually steers [...]

This Week's Web Series You Need To Watch: I Wanna Have Your Baby

SNL and UCB are two of the most powerful 3-letter acronyms in the New York City comedy scene (behind CFF, “cool funny frogs,” the all-amphibian sketch group I’m trying to get off the ground). Whether you’re an up and comer doing bringer shows or an industry fixture with an IMDB longer than your arm, these two institutions are arguably the most reliable (if not totally foolproof) factories of funny. Dubious? Check out This Week’s Web Series You Need To Watch: I Wanna Have Your Baby.

Written, created by, and starring SNL writer Christine Nangle alongside a host of other SNL/UCB talent including Vanessa Bayer, Gavin Spieller, Will Hines, and [...]

Above Average Launches Two New Shows

Above Average, the YouTube channel of Lorne Michaels's company Broadway Video, just debuted two new web series this week. The first (above) is called That Couple You Know and it was created by Mike Scollins and Emily Altman. The second (below) is Charles, Your Hangover, written and directed by sketch group Two Trick Pony. Both shows will debut episodes weekly, with each of them having a six-episode season. Above Average also premiered a new run of episodes of its show Thingstarter this week, as well.

Watch a New Sketch BriTANicK Made for the Above Average Network

Last year, Above Average began partnering with internet sketch groups to commission new videos, and here's the first Above Average video from the network's partner BriTANicK. Other Above Average partners include sketch groups Paulilu, Magic Hugs, and Bobby Chicago, who have each made an original video for the YouTube channel and helped Lorne Michaels to make his iron grip on the comedy world even stronger.

New Web Series Pits Abby Elliott Against Abby Elliott

I know those names look similar but one is actually pronounced with a silent accent over the second b. Which one? I'm not totally sure. This is the first installment of The Assistant, the third new web series from Broadway Videos' Above Average YouTube channel. It tells the tale of a boss who hires an assistant because she looks exactly like her can pull off glasses. In the preview of the series below it appears Abby at some point plays a third character who is also probably named Abby but with a silent accent over the space between the first and last name.

FX Orders a Pilot Created by 'SNL's Simon Rich, Produced by Lorne Michaels

Former SNL writer Simon Rich has sold a half-hour comedy pilot to FX, with Lorne Michaels attached to produce via his company Broadway Video, Deadline reports. The pilot is called Man Seeking Women, and it's based on Rich's book, The Last Girlfriend on Earth. Jonathan Krisel (Portlandia) will be directing the pilot, which is described as a sweet, surreal look at dating in New York City. Rich, a former Harvard Lampoon editor, became one of the youngest-ever writers for Saturday Night Live when he was hired at age 23 in 2007. He spent four seasons there before transitioning into a writing job at Pixar. The Last Girlfriend [...]

'SNL's Kate McKinnon and Eliot Glazer Demonstrate Their Powerwalking Prowess

Here's SNL's Kate McKinnon as the guest on the second episode of Eliot Glazer's new Above Average Network sketch comedy web series Eliot's Sketchpad. Glazer is two for two with his sketch show now, with this one being really funny just like the debut episode of Eliot's Sketchpad, which starred Glazer as Oprah recreating a bunch of viral videos, was really funny. The sketch this week is an '80s exercise video, in which gay comedy power duo Glazer and McKinnon do their part for powerwalking education. It manages to somehow be funnier than inherently funny powerwalking is on its own.

Broadway Video's YouTube Channel Is Above Average

No, like it is Above Average; that's its name. Though, from the looks of this video it probably will be well above average also. Broadway Video is Lorne Michaels's production company, which explains all the familiar faces from Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock. As the above video suggests, beyond oldish favorites like 7 Minutes in Heaven and I Wanna Have Your Baby, there will be our soon to be new favorites like The Front Desk, Belle & Bernice… Livin' in the City, and The Assistant ("That was empty but the breeze did hurt my face a little" – classic!). New shows begin Friday, June 8th, starting with Cool [...]