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Talking to Will Forte About 'Nebraska', 'MacGruber 2', and Never-Aired 'SNL' Sketches

Will Forte is a busy man. Upon leaving SNL in 2010, he starred in MacGruber, a film that received mixed reviews but is nonetheless considered a cult classic in many circles. He has also played recurring roles in numerous shows, among them the buffalo-straddling Ted Turner on Conan, the cross-dressing Paul L'Astnamé on 30 Rock (for which he was nominated for an Emmy), and voicing various characters on The Cleveland Show. His most recent project has been Nebraska, a celebrated indie comedy directed by Alexander Payne, in which he plays David Grant, a man who escorts his elderly father (played by Bruce Dern) on a road trip to claim [...]

Will Forte Hopefully to Work with Alexander Payne; Bring the Pain

Alexander Payne, writer/director of such minor (not minor at all) films as The Descendants, Sideways, and Election, wants Will Forte to star in his next film, Nebraska, with Bruce Dern. Deadline reports the film is about "an alcoholic [Dern] on the downside of his life, who gets a sweepstakes letter in the mail and mistakenly thinks he’s struck it rich. He gets in a car to head down to claim his fortune, accompanied by his underachieving son [Forte]." It's an interesting pair, considering Dern has primarily worked as a character actor his entire career and Forte has never been in anything with this sort of heft (except all of [...]