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The Lost Projects of 'Sledge Hammer!' Creator Alan Spencer

Lost Roles is a weekly column exploring “what might have been” in movie and TV comedy as we take a different actor, writer, or comedian each week and examine the projects they worked on that never made it to the screen.

This week, we're taking a look at the lost works of writer Alan Spencer, creator of the '80s comedy series Sledge Hammer! and, most recently, IFC's short-lived Bullet in the Face. After befriending luminaries like Andy Kaufman and Marty Feldman by sneaking onto movie studios as a teen, Spencer became the youngest-ever creator of a network series (at the time) at age 26 when his crime comedy Sledge Hammer! got [...]

IFC Announces Scott Aukerman, Kurt Braunohler As Show Hosts, Greenlights Three Docu-Comedies

I'm going to have to invent a device to slow the rotation of the earth in order that I may watch all of the great shows coming out this summer; nothing useful with my time, just watching TV 49 hours a day. IFC has announced that a variety show hosted by Comedy Death-Ray's Scott Aukerman, as well as Pointless, an improv "anti-game show" hosted by Kurt Braunohler, are in in the works. IRC also ordered four new original shows, three of which are documentary-style comedies:

  • Commercial Kings: comedy duo Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal travel across America creating commercials for local businesses, based on their site [...]

Talking with Alan Spencer about 'Bullet in the Face,' Andy Kaufman, 'Sledge Hammer,' and Life as a Hollywood Script Doctor

After spending his teenage years sneaking on to movie studio lots and befriending talented, offbeat folks like Marty Feldman and Andy Kaufman, Alan Spencer became one of the youngest-ever members of the Writers Guild at age 15. The first show he created, Sledge Hammer!, made him the youngest-ever creator of a network TV series at the time at 26, and the program earned a great deal of critical acclaim and inspired a devoted cult following after its criminally short, two-season run. Frustrated with how hard it is to get a show on the air, Alan Spencer then began working as a Hollywood script doctor, fixing other people's movies and [...]

Is IFC's 'Bullet in the Face' the Most Violent TV Comedy Ever?

With all the talk of Comedy Bang Bang and Bunk, it seems like IFC's other new comedy series has been somewhat ignored. I mean, I hadn't even really heard about it until now, while the ads for those other two shows are hard to miss. But there might be a reason for that: Bullet in the Face is apparently really, really violent. And IFC has decided to run the entire thing across two nights instead of weekly as a series. Here's Deadline's summary: It stars Canadian actor Max Williams as Gunter Vogler, a brutally psychopathic, deliriously misogynistic German assassin-turned-cop. The character is utterly without conscience or filter, shooting [...]