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Gillian Jacobs Has Joined the Magic of Burt Wonderstone

Burt Wonderstone is quickly shaping up to be the most eagerly awaited movie of 2012. Community's Gillian Jacobs just joined the cast, which means it's only a matter of time before we get pictures of her ridiculous magician costume too.

Steve Carell's Magician Movie, CBS Divorce Comedy, And Eddie Murphy's Alien Movie

Steve Carell's new magician comedy Burt Wonderstone "is set in the world of rival Las Vegas magicians." Jim Carrey will play a newfangled illusionist who threatens Carell and leads to a breakup with his partner Steve Buscemi; Olivia Wilde will play Carell's former assistant and present love interest. So…best movie ever?

CBS has bought a show based on a long-running Israeli sitcom in which "a middle-aged, recently divorced couple who was bad at marriage discover they are now really bad at divorce – and can't help but being involved in each others' lives." Hmm. You mean like, for example, they take driving lessons together? My predictions [...]

Jim Carrey's Amazing Burt Wonderstone Costume Gives Carell's A Run for Its Money

I was so sure that Steve Carell's costume for Burt Wonderstone was going to be the funniest magician costume we saw all January, but now I don't even know what to think about anything anymore after seeing Jim Carrey's getup (full image below). That flowing, two-toned hair. Those buckled leather wristbands. That goatee. That carabiner! Ahhh. Pitting feathered hair against leather, it looks like this movie is gonna be to magicians what Blades of Glory was to figure skaters.

Jim Carrey Is Literally Magic In Steve Carell's Burt Wonderstone

While he's apparently still in negotiations, Deadline reports that we'll probably be seeing Jim Carrey in Burt Wonderstone, starring alongside Steve Carell as a member of the Las Vegas magician community. As it should be. While it's not entirely clear if Carrey will star as Carell's erstwhile partner or his new "hip street magician rival," Carrey's squirmy, manic energy seems pretty much made for an over-the-top magician role. A Criss Angel who's in on the joke, if you will.

Steve Carell Looks Like a Smooth-Chested Lion in Burt Wonderstone

I wish they'd just go ahead and decree that every movie has to be about magicians already. This photo of Steve Carell in a plunging rhinestoned burgundy V-neck and a feathered blonde blowout, his costume for the upcoming Burt Wonderstone, is definitely doing the work of convincing me that that magicians are the best. Full image, replete with gold medallion, below.

Prepare Yourself For Steve Carell Overload

Why is Steve Carell leaving The Office? If what he's been up to lately is any indication, it's to make a shitload of movies. The latest news has him planning to play both a rock star and a magician in upcoming films, but those are just two of the dozen-plus films he has in the works.