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Finding the Humor in Cancer

Welcome to our new series Tragedy Plus Time. Each segment will focus on a particular ‘life crisis’ — sometimes globally tragic, sometimes more of a personal affair — and we’ll explore how many of the comedians we know and love have dealt with it.

Cancer is the disease that perpetually reminds us that we are all a bunch of vulnerable, fleshy meat sacks, and that everything we touch, eat, breathe or spend too much time standing near is eventually going to kill us. It affects millions of people every year. A late diagnosis is effectively a death sentence, and the variety show of pain it has provided humanity [...]

Tig Notaro's Acclaimed Largo Stand-up Set Is Now Available on Louis C.K.'s Website

Comedian Tig Notaro received a great deal of praise from the comedy community in August for a performance at the Los Angeles venue Largo in which she announced she had breast cancer and spoke honestly about the news (and some other personal hardships) in a hilarious, insightful, and heartfelt set. The set was recorded by the venue's owner (who records most performances there), and Louis C.K. just released it today on his website for $5. It's well worth the price to hear this noteworthy performance, in which Notaro gives a tragic, funny, and moving account of her diagnosis, her mother's tragic death, breaking up with her girlfriend, [...]

Tig Notaro Explains Exactly How Her Largo Set Happened

"And so I was in New York and I met with [Ira Glass] and I had like ten pages of start to finish every detail of horrible stuff that had gone on and he read it and he said 'Ugh, this is so depressing.' And I was like 'Yeah, I know it’s my life, Ira, I don’t know.' And he said 'You need to work this out in stand-up, you know, not in just a written piece of tragic stuff.' He said, 'Your power is on stage so you need to utilize that. There’s nothing funny right now.'” — An excerpt from Tig Notaro explaining the entire story of her [...]

Tommy Chong Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

Yesterday, the 74-year old Chong announced that he has "slow stage one" prostate cancer. He intends on treating the disease with hemp oil. Chong blamed his nine-month stay in prison eight years ago for why his health took a turn for the worse. Regardless if that was truly the cause or not, this news is definitively shitty and we wish Tommy the best.

Tig Notaro Discusses How Her Famous Largo Set Came to Be

Tig Notaro's acclaimed Largo set, which was released on Louis C.K.'s website and became a huge success, was the most talked-about standup performance of the year, and Notaro has been keeping kind of a low profile since. Here she is in a rare recent interview with Pitchfork TV, talking about the awful fourth months point in her life she was at during the Largo performance, her tennis plans with Taylor Dayne, and her affinity for the song "Mississippi Queen."

Tig Notaro Is All Better

"I am a very, very excited person that gets to say that I do not have cancer, as far as I know."

– Tig Notaro, on the latest episode of her podcast Professor Blastoff. The album recording of her remarkable Largo set where she announced her diagnosis will be released for $5 on Louis C.K.'s website tomorrow.

Tig Notaro Makes Cancer Jokes and a Dating Profile Video (which Dave Hill Responds to)

(Watch Dave's response below.) Tig spoke with The New York Times about why she's been drawn to make jokes about her illness:

I was with a friend of mine last night who was like, “I don’t know if I can take all these jokes about you having cancer.” And I was like: “Oh, I’m sorry. It occupies 99 percent of my brain right now, and I just don’t know what to do with it."

So why a dating video:

The doctor has prepared me for more weight loss and losing my hair. Dating isn’t the main focus here, but it’s fresh in my mind, because I just [...]

Howdy Ho! Mr. Hankey Should Be Used To Fight Rectal Cancer!

We know him. We love him. We squeeze him between our festive buns, and now in an open letter to Trey Parker and Matt Stone improviser Michelle Dobrawsky makes the exceedingly persuasive argument for South Park's Mr. Hankey to join the fight against rectal cancer. "I propose promoting and licensing Mr. Hankey as the official ambassador for rectal cancer. I can’t think of a more appropriate spokesturd," Michelle writes on her Tumblr. "As a rectal cancer patient, I spend a lot of time focusing on that particular area, and its particular output. And to generate, painlessly, productively and naturally, a perfect Mr. Hankey, is the goal of my treatment.  [...]

Tig Notaro Reflects on Her Turbulent Year in a 'GQ' Interview

"Well, originally I wasn't planning on releasing it. I was just kind of doing the material to see what was usable for Ira for This American Life. Then, when Louis C.K. called and said he wanted to release it as an album from his site, I was like, 'There's no way I'm releasing that. That was not worked-out material.' Then I thought about how it could possibly help people to hear about the horrendousness I had been through and the help I had gotten. I figured, if I could help somebody—even if it meant swallowing my perfectionist ways—I should."

– Tig Notaro to GQ about her famous, best-selling [...]

Tig Notaro Is Doing Great; Releasing Her Largo Set Through Louis's Website

Tig explained to Conan, "My prognosis is great," and we all became that weird kid at work just crying for no reason. The mastectomy went well and the cancer didn't spread. She goes on to reveal that as a result of a conversation Louis. C.K. had with Woody Allen (OMG!), Louis is going to release Tig's legendary Largo set on his website. This is all great. It's seriously the best news I've gotten to put on this site.

Tig Notaro Has Breast Cancer

Last week, Tig Notaro revealed, on her podcast Professor Blastoff, that she might have breast cancer. And, sadly, this weekend she confirmed that she in fact does. This was revealed at her show in LA on Saturday, "Tig and Friends," which was supposed to be a goodbye celebration, as she was going to be moving to New York to work on Amy Schumer's new Comedy Central show. Tig started her set: “Thank you, thank you, I have cancer, thank you, I have cancer, really, thank you.” As described in a moving account of the night by comedian/writer Kira Hesser, the set that followed was honest, difficult, funny, [...]

How Do You Make a Good "Cancer Comedy"?

The trailer for Seth Rogen's upcoming 50/50 dropped this week, and the film, based on Rogen pal Will Reiser's real-life struggle with cancer, seems to beg the question: how can comedies successfully "do" life-threatening illnesses without being, well, horrible? What is the best way to craft a comedy with heart that isn't so coated in saccharine it gets covered in (metaphorical) bees, but also isn't "Porky's with chemotherapy?"