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Wes Anderson on His Inspiration for 'Moonrise Kingdom'

"The thing that most strongly made me want to do [Moonrise Kingdom] was remembering being a fifth grader sitting at a desk in my school and not really being able to focus on reality because of this girl two rows over and three desks up, and what a spell that put on me — being blindsided by that experience. It's just something that always stuck with me — and not having anything come of it at all — so I just wanted to make a story that was my fantasy of that age."

– Filmmaker Wes Anderson to Hitfix on how his childhood fantasies inspired him to make [...]

I Will Only Enjoy Super 8 if Tom Arnold Is In It

Here's the latest entry in the wonderful Funny or Die series "Can't Wait for the Movies." In it, your hosts Wade and Eric created their own version of Super 8 because they were too impatient to wait for the real thing. And their version has Tom Arnold in it as Carl, the cop that nobody likes. And really, unless Carl is in the real Super 8, this is now the real Super 8 as far as I'm concerned.