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'THR' Explains Why Jokes Aren't Always Covered by the Copyright Act

THR ran an interesting guest column over the weekend called "Why It's So Hard to Get the Law to Protect a Good Joke" that explores intellectual rights and the Copyright Act in the context of joke theft accusations between comedians, pointing out the craft of comedy as some of the most difficult material to protect due to its always-evolving nature. From the article:

Although comedians may start with a written work — a script — the performance of the work rarely occurs without deviation. As a result, copyright may not issue because the work of authorship is not "fixed" in the manner necessary to establish a basis for [...]

Is There Ever a Justification for Joke Stealing?

No other comedian is currently more despised by the comedy community than Carlos Mencia. The performer has faced a number of criticisms over his two-decade career, including making jokes that were racially insensitive (and many others that just weren’t funny), “bumping” less popular comedians by showing up last minute to stand-up shows and performing hour-long sets, and most infamously, stealing jokes.

The controversy reached a boiling point when comedian Joe Rogan confronted Mencia on stage at The Comedy Store in LA in 2007, accusing him of stealing jokes written by George Lopez, Ari Shaffir, and Bobby Lee (all of whom have publicly confirmed the rumors). The most cringeworthy [...]

Carlos Mencia and the American Dream

Writing a joke is a tricky thing. Sometimes a joke comes to you fully formed, perfect, and complete. Most times it comes in the form of a garbled premise; you know there is something there and after weeks or in some cases years of bending, shaping, and wrestling with the idea, the jokes is pulled into shape. It is an experience that is as frustrating as it is rewarding once you have the finished product.

Beyond artistic achievement and the satisfaction that comes with crafting a new joke, there is also a pragmatic and financial benefit. New jokes mean that when you revisit a town you were in 6 [...]

Carlos Mencia Is A Changed And Thinner Man

According to The New York Times' profile of Carlos Mencia, the comic has undergone quite a few changes from just a few years ago. He's started going to therapy after all those accusations of joke-stealing, and in his new special, "the chubby, angry performer who railed about current events and cultural differences for four seasons on Mind of Mencia has given way to a lean presence who is still passionate but is not nearly so confrontational." The article also offers Mencia's side of the controversy following his appearance on Marc Maron's WTF, which is interesting if you're willing to dredge up all those old feelings and wade back [...]