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Standup Carmen Lynch Makes Her Letterman Debut

Here's NYC-based standup Carmen Lynch doing her first Letterman set Friday night. Lynch recently was the runner-up in The New York Times 2nd Annual Comedy Challenge and was a Last Comic Standing competitor in 2003. Clearly, participating in all of these weird standup contests has turned her into a top-notch comedian and someone who can tell a mean mouthguard joke.

Do Your Part and Vote for the 'New York Times' Comedy Challenge

The New York Times is holding its 2nd Annual Comedy Challenge this week. Six different comedians each tell their best clean joke, and then voters like you get to pick the winner. Last year, Jim Gaffigan won, with then-unknown Michael Che taking second. This year, Andrew Santino (who's appearing in the latest seasons of The Office and Arrested Development) is in the lead so far, with Last Comic Standing's Carmen Lynch in second. Kate Berlant, Chris DiStefano, David Agyekum, and Jim Tews are also in the mix. Vote now, it's the most important ballot you will have cast in almost a full week.