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Jerry Seinfeld Shows David Letterman What It's Like to Be a 'Late Show' Guest

Here's a clip from Jerry Seinfeld's visit to Friday's Late Show, in which he and Letterman swap interviewer/guest roles so Dave can finally see what it's like to be a Late Show guest before Seinfeld grills him about his decision to leave the show: "This whole 'quitting' idea is the stupidest thing I ever heard." Watch part 2 of the interview below:

Paul Rudd Finally Soaks His David Letterman Fab Club Sponge

Paul Rudd took advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity during his visit to last night's Late Show. Considering it was his final Late Show interview with Dave, Rudd figured it was the perfect time to whip out all the goodies he got as a member of the unauthorized David Letterman Fan Club including a very special sponge he's waited thirty years to soak in water. It was a long time coming, but it looks like the wait was worth it.

Alec Baldwin Tells Letterman About the Origins of His 'SNL' Tony Bennett Impression

Alec Baldwin paid a visit to David Letterman on Friday, where he looked back on the creation of the "Tony Bennett Show" sketch at SNL and eating lots of food backstage with the writers. He also gave Dave a special retirement gift just one month ahead of his big Late Show goodbye.

Bill Murray, Tina Fey, and Steve Martin Among David Letterman's Final 'Late Show' Guests

David Letterman makes his final Late Show bow next month on Wednesday, May 20th, and today CBS revealed the guest lineup of his last month on the air. This week's guests include Sarah Jessica Parker, Billy Crystal, Michael J. Fox, Amy Sedaris, Kevin James, and Alec Baldwin, while a bunch of Late Show friends and regulars are slated to show up in the coming weeks, including Steve Martin, Tina Fey, Don Rickles, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks, Jerry Seinfeld, Robert Downey Jr., George Clooney, Julia Roberts, John Travolta, Jack Hanna, Michael Keaton, Ray Romano, Paul Rudd, Martin Short, Howard Stern, Bruce Willis, Elvis Costello, Dave Matthews Band, Mumford and [...]

How James Corden's 'Late Late Show' Started Killing It Right Out of the Gate

There have been seven good episodes of The Late Late Show with James Corden so far. While that may sound low, it’s actually a solid batting average, considering they’ve only been on the air for seven days. Late night programming is a beast of an endeavor, and it’s well-known that it takes time for new shows to find their footing. This makes The Late Late Show’s current state even more impressive. The show is remarkably on point — and it’s not just great for a show in its infancy; it’s simply great for a show, period. It will be exciting to see how the identity of the show develops going [...]

'David Letterman: A Life on Television' to Air on CBS May 4th

Before he leaves his longtime post at Late Show on May 20th, David Letterman will be the subject of a 90-minute tribute special on CBS. The network announced today that David Letterman: A Life on Television will air on Monday, May 4th from 9:30-11:00pm with host Ray Romano, who got his first big break on Letterman's show in 1995. Read CBS's full announcement below:

James Corden Walks the Runway as the New Face of Burberry

Not long after getting a free lesson from Naomi Campbell on how to properly walk a runway, James Corden landed a very special job as the new face of Burberry. Even though he didn't get any pastries before walking the runway, Corden did a pretty good job strutting his stuff at Burberry's recent star-studded LA fashion show.

Amy Sedaris Sings David Letterman a Goodbye Medley

Amy Sedaris made her 34th and final Letterman appearance last night, and to express her love and appreciation for Dave, she sang him a beautiful goodbye medley. She also thanked Letterman for welcoming her on the show for so many years and all he's done for late night: "You're like a New York staple! You're like the Turkish Baths on 10th Street! You're like scaffolding, you know?"

Tig Notaro and Megan Mullally Tell James Corden They Want to Be TV Hosts

Tig Notaro, Rob Corddry, and Megan Mullally were guests on last night's Late Late Show, and during the interview both Notaro and Mullally pitched themselves as TV hosts. Notaro listed some of her qualifications as the potential host of next year's Oscars, and Mullally tells Corden she would love to be a late night talk show host but "they never hire women, you might have noticed, for late night." Watch more from the interview below:

James Corden Filmed Last Night's 'Late Late Show' in a Stranger's House

It's only James Corden's third week on the air as the new Late Late Show host, but he's already up to some amazingly weird antics. For last night's show he decided to try something completely different by filming an entire episode in a stranger's house. After a few rejections, a guy named Tommy let the entire Late Late Show crew in his home, and the night was complete with Jeff Goldblum, Beck, a 15-foot Burmese python, a game of hide-and-seek with Reggie Watts, and much more. Check out more clips below:

Jim Gaffigan and David Letterman Talk Jesus, Standup, and the Midwest

Jim Gaffigan made his final appearance on Late Show with David Letterman last night, where he and Dave chatted about why no one should live in the Midwest, what it's like to work on his upcoming TV Land series, and why it's impressive that Jesus was in such good shape, which involves the constant temptation of pretzel bread.

Amy Schumer Reveals 'Inside Amy Schumer's Season 4 Renewal on 'Late Show'

Here's a clip from Amy Schumer's visit to last night's Late Show, where she reveals that her Comedy Central series has landed a fourth season renewal from the network ahead of its season 3 premiere tonight at 10:30pm. Watch another clip from Schumer's last visit with Dave below, in which she follows through on his simple request: "Since we probably won't be on the show together again, do something now that you'll regret."

Billy Crystal Sings a Musical Tribute to David Letterman on 'Late Show'

Billy Crystal made his final Letterman appearance last night, and to thank Dave for 32 years' worth of interviews, he decided to look back on their many memories together through to the tune of "Sunrise, Sunset." Watch another clip from Crystal's interview below:

Mike Myers to David Letterman: "What an Amazing American Icon You Are"

Mike Myers paid his 29th and final visit to David Letterman on Friday, and he made sure to fully embarrass him by overwhelming him with kind words and compliments: "The thing is that this show has been consistently cool and hip for all these years. And honest to God, as someone who toils in the field of comedy, I just want to say thank you. What an amazing beacon of light, what an amazing American icon you are." And that's when he's only getting started. Watch another clip from the interview below: