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Here's a Great Profile of Comedian Charlie Barnett Written When He Was Still Alive

Deadspin has an old profile of late, great comedian Charlie Barnett that was written when he was still. For those who don't know Barnett, he was a major influence on Dave Chappelle and numerous other comedians but he never received the career attention he deserved before he passed away.

Timing Is… Everything: The Story Of Charlie Barnett

16 years ago last Friday, comedian Charlie Barnett's life was cut tragically short, the ends to a drug and doubt-fueled means that had reduced one of the most naturally gifted performers of a generation to an AIDS-stricken, debt-ridden smack addict.

Yet in spite of the sordid details of his demise, it is his Barnett's talent, fearlessness, and generosity — to his audience, his disciples, and his craft — which carry his legacy.

* * *

It took the Village to raise Charlie Barnett.

Born in 1954 to an alcoholic mother and mentally ill father, he lived with his grandmother in the coal mining town of Bluefield, West Virginia [...]