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Bill Murray Joins Not-Crazy-Enough Charlie Sheen Movie

Bill Murray will be part of Roman Coppola's movie A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III, also starring Charlie Sheen and the "delirious fantasies involving his many failed romances." Delirious fantasies? That's it? The phrase "Charlie Sheen movie" deserves more serious insanity than that!

Watching the Sheen-to-Kutcher Transition on Two and a Half Men

I kept an open mind, I really did. Before watching last night’s episode of Two and a Half Men, I dismissed everything I knew about the show: the boffo ratings, the slimy acting of Charlie Sheen, the “why are you doing this, Duckie?” feeling I get every time Jon Cryer is in on screen, the perplexing appeal of Angus T. Jones, etc. I didn’t want to immediately dismiss the show, because that’s what people who like Parks and Recreation and Community are supposed to do. That felt too easy, too expected. Besides, it was starting anew, with Kelso!

But god damn was that a bad episode.

Jeffrey Ross Throws the First Zingers on the Fire in The Roast Of Charlie Sheen Preview

The Roast of Charlie Sheen Mon, Sept 19 10/9c Preview – Jeffrey Ross – Family Obligation www.comedycentral.com Comedy Central Funny TV Shows Roast of Charlie Sheen

In the most recent promo for the Roast of Charlie Sheen, Jeff Ross slips into a fabulous little robins' egg blue Gaddafi number to warm up the crowd for a long night [...]

Charlie Sheen Roast Teaser Is a Little Too Real

You know I'm not going to pretend like I'm not going to watch this thing come September 19, but the most recent Charlie Sheen roast teaser is kind of on the nose, right? Watching Charlie gleefully plummet toward the earth astride a warhead is emotionally complicating my pure, unbridled desire to laugh at him. I guess it could be worse. Like, the televised version of his funeral worse.

Two And A Half Men Premiere Kicks Off With Charlie's Funeral

In an unsubtle a metaphor as is allowed on network television, Chuck Lorre delivers a final "fuck you" to his former star by having the Two And A Half Men season premiere feature Charlie Harper's funeral. Deadline reports that the Sept. 19 episode will kick-off with Charlie Sheen's character already deceased, making me wonder how many takes were ruined by Lorre's maniacal off-screen laughter. The first episode of the show's ninth season will also feature visits from Charlie's ex-girlfriends as they come to pay their respects, after which the house will be put on the market. Ashton Kutcher stops by as a potential homeowner, and will allegedly [...]

Charlie Sheen's Anger Management Punches Its Way onto FX

I'm so excited that Charlie Sheen's Anger Management is headed to FX, I could fire a dozen rounds into a bunch of couch cushions and begin weeping about my distant father. Sheen's new show will premiere in the summer of 2012, where it will be paired with reruns of Two and a Half Men, original flavor. For my money FX seems like the only channel where this show could spread its sweaty, jittery wings and really take off, so good on them. This whole Charlie Sheen breakdown thing really didn't turn out as badly as we thought, did it? So far?

Comedy Central Is Going All Out for Charlie Sheen Roast, Social Media-wise

Get ready for the next level of porn star jokes in 3…2…1. After experiencing crazy Twitter success during the roast of Donald Trump, for next week's Charlie Sheen roast Comedy Central plans to track the hashtags #SheenRoast and #CrazyTrain as part of a "digital dashboard where fans can play along, comment, interact with other participants and share with their social networks." Mashable has a preview of what exactly that will look like once its live on the Comedy Central site; it will also include a "Charlie Cam" which will provide nonstop footage of Sheen's nervous twitching, as well as red carpet shtuff, trending Twitterer and video clips of [...]

Jon Lovitz, Patrice O'Neal, and Amy Schumer Join the Dark Chaos of the Charlie Sheen Roast

Venerated comedy icons Mike Tyson and Steve-O will be joined on the Charlie Sheen Roast dais by Jon Lovitz, Patrice O'Neal, and Amy Schumer. Lovitz may not have been doing much in the past few decades (wait, scratch that, his Wikipedia page says he did play the role of "Homeless man" on Hot in Cleveland), but at least these three are, you know, comedians. And the addition of Schumer, along with previous roaster Anthony Jeselnik, should be a particularly exciting injection of youth into the roast proceedings.

In case you were getting worried that the Charlie Sheen roast wouldn't be a ridiculous exercise in insanity and randomness, [...]

Charlie Sheen Gets Booed, Garbage Thrown at Him at the Gathering of the Juggalos

Charlie Sheen's tour to the bottom approached its final stop this weekend at the Gathering of the Juggalos. Possibly thinking that the fair Juggalos and Juggalettes would accept his drug-abusing, self-aggrandizing persona as one of their own, he went on stage to introduce Tech 9. "This reminds me of Detroit," he says as he's greeted by a mix of boos, tossed bottles and pure indifference. Detroit, but with more Faygo.

Yes, Charlie Sheen Is Making an Anger Management TV Show

Good news for people who like bad things! Charlie Sheen is currently plotting his comeback, and it will involve remaking the Adam Sandler/Jack Nicholson turd Anger Management for TV. Lionsgate has signed on to produce the show, for some reason, despite normally producing good things such as Mad Men, Nurse Jackie and Weeds. Of course, no network has stepped up and agreed to air this thing yet. Part of me likes to imagine a world in which all of them would have the good sense to not touch it, but you know someone will pick it up.

The Zinger And The Warlock King: The Roast Of Charlie Sheen

The most interesting part about watching the Charlie Sheen roast, which aired last nigh, is that Charlie Sheen isn't crazy anymore. Well, not actively, undiagnosed-manic-episode crazy. It's been months since Sheen did anything outlandish or potentially career-ending, and it's been practically half a year since the first, second and third wave of Charlie Sheen jokes swept across America. On Sunday, Sheen extended an olive branch to the new cast of Two And A Half Men at the Emmys, even that troll Jon Cryer. But while Donald Trump, Pam Anderson and Flavor Flav are still going to wake up everyday and make a career out being the same colorful [...]

Charlie Sheen Drags President Bartlett Down With Him

Charlie Sheen finally managed to rope Martin Sheen into his twisted, delusional headspace, Apocalypse Now fantasies and all. Gotta say, I feel like if Martin had put Charlie in his place like this when he was a little younger, things might have turned out a little differently for him. Boundaries are important. Alas, Sheen Senior was busy gazing intensely out the Oval Office windows and listening to Rob Lowe talk really fast, so, better late than never. Only 125 hours till the roast!!

Mike Tyson and Steve-O to Bring Dignity to the Charlie Sheen Roast

The lineup of roasters for the upcoming Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen has been announced, and it's as ridiculous as you'd expect. You've got perennial insulters Jeffrey Ross and Anthony Jeselnik up there, joined by a trio of absurd personalities: Mike Tyson, Steve-O and TMZ's Harvey Levin. Yes, Mike Tyson is going to be publicly mocking someone for poor/self-destructive life choices. Although I am sort of morbidly curious about how he's going to react to Jeselnik making fun of him for being a psychotic rapist.

This parade of human misery masquerading as good-natured fun tapes Saturday, September 10 and premieres Monday, September 19 at 10pm EST on [...]

Your Charlie Sheen Roastmaster: Seth MacFarlane

Comedy Central has announced that the roastmaster for the upcoming Roast of Charlie Sheen will be Seth MacFarlane. Man, I didn't think it was possible for them to get this thing more in my wheelhouse, but they did it!!