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Talking to Jillian Bell and Charlotte Newhouse About Their Comedy Central Web Series 'Idiotsitter'

Jillian Bell and Charlotte Newhouse’s Comedy Central web series Idiotsitter wraps up this week, with the series possibly seeing its odd couple of Gene, a super rich, under-house-arrest woman-child, and Billie, her uptight GED tutor, becoming friends, celebrating Gene getting her ankle monitor off, or burning down Gene’s mansion. The web series showcases Bell and Newhouse’s talents as writers and performers, adding to the two Groundlings’ growing credits. Bell and Newhouse sold a pitch of an arranged marriage comedy last year to MGM, and Bell has popped up in several high-profile comedies like Curb Your Enthusiasm and Bridesmaids, as well as in Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master (apparently he’s [...]

Here Are the First Two Episodes of Comedy Central's New Web Series 'Idiotsitter'

Comedy Central debuted a new web series today, Idiotsitter, which is co-created by and stars Jillian Bell (Workaholics) and Charlotte Newhouse (Comedy Central's Mashup). The six-episode series follows a financially-troubled Harvard grad (Newhouse) who thinks she's going up for a babysitting job for a rich family but is instead being hired as the court-appointed guardian for the family's party animal adult daughter (Bell), who is under house arrest. The first couple episodes feature appearances from T.J. Miller, Stephen Root, and Eastbound & Down's Elizabeth De Razzo, and new episodes debut every Wednesday.

Check out the second episode below: