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Charlyne Yi on Retiring From Acting and Comedy to Focus on Music

Independent musicians are often thought of as self-serious crybabies, holding their craft to the highest imaginable standards and scoffing at anything resembling fun. Often, that's not the case, however, as many musicians moonlight with comedic output, and vice versa. From follow-worthy Twitter accounts to viral videos and other projects, we're here to point out some of the most interesting crossovers between the worlds of independent music and comedy.

If anyone fits the role of “creative” as noun rather than adjective, it’s Los Angeles-based artist Charlyne Yi. From turns in Apatow comedies like This is 40 and Knocked Up (not to mention her incredible Step Brothers DVD featurette) to a [...]

Charlyne Yi, Chris O'Dowd, Lena Dunham Join The Knocked Up Spin-Off You Are Now Going To See

If you're like me (WHICH EVERYONE IS) you were primarily interested in seeing the Knocked Up spin-off with the hope that it would be exclusively dedicated to explaining why, if Katherine Heigl's character has her life so together in the first film, does she live in her sister's pool house? No, seriously, why? While that mystery will likely never be solved, Variety is reporting that Lena Dunham, Charlyne Yi, Chris O'Dowd and Wyatt Russell joined the Knocked Up spin-off, all of which sounds like a delight. Dunham and Bridesmaids' O'Dowd will play employees at Paul Rudd's indie record company, Russell, son of Kurt, will portray a hockey [...]

Charlyne Yi and Fred Armisen Follow Some Sort of Time Compass To Yo Gabba Gabba Land

I hope they got to keep those outfits. What am I saying? Charlyne probably came with that outfit. Charlyne Yi and Fred Armisen guest on Yo Gabba Gabba in an upcoming episode, stopping by as Edith and Larry, two new friends who happen to be, I don't know, some kind of interstellar time elves? The size of Charlyne's hat makes me think she's Fred's commanding officer. I, for one, can't wait for this show raise my kids for me.

Always-Classy TMZ Tricks Charlyne Yi In Order to Trash Oxfam

TMZ is a scummy, scummy tabloid organization, but this goes beyond even what I thought they were capable of. Apparently, they approached Charlyne Yi and asked if she would participate in a video to help support the global charity Oxfam. She reluctantly agreed as she wanted to help a good cause.

The video TMZ shot and aired? It shows Yi doing what they asked her to do but acts as if she is just being a crazy, idiotic celebrity. Oh, and then they make fun of Oxfam. What a stupid charity, hoping to help starving people around the world! Keep doing god's work, TMZ.

Charlyne Yi Signs On as House Regular

It's probably a limited view of her dramatic range to assume Charlyne Yi's House role has to be "stoner doctor", but…can it please? Princeton‑Plainsboro could use a little levity, seeing as how it's lorded over by a cranky sociopath who should be in rehab and/or jail. Who doesn't want to see House roll his eyes in exhausted contempt after Dr. Yi leaves twelve surgical sponges inside a patient? No one, that's who.

Yi starts as a series regular this fall for the show's eighth season, joining recent addition Brothers & Sisters' Oddette Annable. All I'm saying is, House had better keep an eye on all those colostomy [...]