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A Brief Discussion on Steve Martin's Forthcoming Book of His Own Tweets

Adam: So, Steve Martin is publishing a book of his Tweets.

Hallie: What.

Adam: Haha yep.

Hallie: I am so sick of famous people and their books.

Adam: Are you saying you wont rush out to pay $19 for a book of Steve Martin's tweets?? IT INCLUDES SOME RESPONSES FROM HIS FOLLOWERS!!!

Hallie: I mean, of course I will. Maybe someday when we live in a futuristic society where I can magically read them for free anytime i want from anywhere, things would be different.

Adam: Get your head out of the clouds, Cantor. We live in the real world, where that is a laughable impossibility.

Can Whitney Survive Its Ad Campaign? A Discussion

Adam: Can we talk about these Whitney ads? Will anyone who has seen them watch the show? Because they are truly awful. I feel like they're going to kill the show off before anyone even sees it.

Halle: Okay, here's the thing. I understand that everyone has their own taste in comedy, and we can no more escape our own preferences than we can change them. Also, you and I are people who are (willfully) inundated with comedy all the time, so we probably have an even more specific view on many comedy-related things. Perhaps we are even, let's say, persnickety

Adam: I would say we are DEFINITELY persnickety.