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Chris Kattan Continues His Late Night Cameo Tour on 'Tonight Show'

After appearing as an audience member on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Chris Kattan continued his late night cameo tour last week by showing up during Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show monologue on Friday as Democratic "youth specialist" Craig Newton, "just a straight-up chill 23-year-old dude" who thinks the 20-somethings of today are really into Sour Patch Kids.

The Mystery of the Unproduced "Mr. Peepers" Script

Yesterday, SF Weekly received a book in a manila envelope with an anonymous note that read, "I found this at City Lights." The book was entitled Peepers, a canticle and was supposedly written by C.L. Kattan, as in Chris Kattan. Commenters to the article said they also saw copies in San Francisco's Green Apple bookstore and Los Angeles's Time Travel Mart.

The book contains a script for an unproduced Mr. Peepers movie, which can also be found online here. The preface explains that the script was finished on September 10th, 2001 but never came to be as the nation was not ready for its heavy satirical content.


Saturday Night’s Children: Chris Kattan (1996-2003)

Saturday Night Live has been home to over a hundred cast members throughout the past 35 years. In our new column Saturday Night’s Children, we present the history, talent, and best sketches of one SNL cast member each week for your viewing, learning, and laughing pleasure.

Whether showering guests in barrages of chewed-up apple pieces as the dry-humping man-monkey Mr. Peepers, auditioning for pop star dance crews as Kyle Demarco, or spurning the gay advances of many celebrities and admirers as the divine showgirl Mango, Chris Kattan was one of the most comedically brave and generous SNL cast members during his run from 1996-2003, always unafraid to take on [...]

Chris Kattan Breaks Out His Old 'SNL' Characters on 'Late Night'

Hidden near the end of Late Night's "Distinguished Guests" audience gag segment last night was a nice fellow named Clark Siegel, who also happens to be a Chris Kattan impersonator. "Clark" gave the audience a glimpse at what Mango, Mr. Peepers, the Roxbury guys, and Chris Kattan himself would sound like over ten years after their original SNL appearances.

Chris Kattan Will Appear on Jimmy Fallon's SNL Episode This Week

Chris Kattan will cameo on SNL this week, reuniting with host Jimmy Fallon (they overlapped on the show from 1998-2003). If Chris Kattan goes on SNL and doesn't do Mango, there will be a lot of tears in my household. (Coming from my eyes. Just to be clear. Because I will be crying. OMG, what if Mango met Stefon? I just gave myself a heart attack.) Odds are Kattan isn't the only surprise guest SNL has in store for us this week, but we'll have to tune in to see who else could pop up from behind the murky fog of the past.

Mr. Peepers Prankster Revealed

"I thought it would be funny to find out that a Mr. Peepers movie had been written, and it was very serious and pretentious and political, and it had been shelved because of 9/11. Being able to ruin a wonderful script like Being There was just icing on the cake." –Justin Becker, "writer" of the fake Mr. Peepers script, talking about why he did it

Chris Kattan Surfs the Net, Has a Car, Sometimes Remembers His Dreams

We all know how important it's become for comedians to connect with their audience via Facebook and Twitter and blogs and the AST message board and all of that. Nearly every one of my comedy nerd friends and I boast at least a few direct brushes with comedy greatness (Andy Kindler once retweeted me, Hannibal Buress direct messaged me once — I’m a pretty big deal).

Former SNL'er Chris Kattan, however, may be taking fan connection attempts to a bit of an extreme with the wealth of information he shares on his personal website. Either that or he’s completely mocking the idea of celebrity oversharing. I have no [...]