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Watch Vince Vaughn and Chris Pratt in the Trailer for the Sperm Donor Comedy 'Delivery Man'

Here's the teaser trailer for Delivery Man, a new comedy starring Vince Vaughn as a guy who finds out he's the father of 533 children after a mistake at a fertility clinic 20 years ago. Set for release November 22nd, it's a remake of the 2011 French-Canadian movie Starbuck. Parks and Recreation's Chris Pratt is co-starring as Vince Vaughn's sidekick/lawyer, a role for which he gained 65 pounds, demonstrating a commitment to his craft that should serve as an example to the stars of future sperm donor comedies.

Chris Pratt Grosses Out Jay Leno's Audience

Parks and Rec and Zero Dark Thirty star Chris Pratt made his Jay Leno Debut last night (known in the industry as a "JLD"), and he proceeded to thoroughly gross out Leno's audience by telling a story about once eating a possum his friend killed. The best part is that Matt Damon, the other guest, is just watching quietly.

Hit the jump for the second part of Pratt's interview, in which he discusses filming Zero Dark Thirty in Jordan and meeting Navy SEALs to research his part:

Harris Wittels’s Fancy Celebrity Friends Don’t Have Time for Him and His New 'Humblebrag' Book

As if Harris Wittels wasn’t already putting all other 20somethings to shame with his busy career as a standup, sitcom writer (splitting his time between Parks and Rec and Eastbound and Down currently), musician, and podcast personality, he can now add “author” to his overflowing resume. His new book, Humblebrag: The Art of False Modesty, hits the shelves today. It’s based on his wildly-popular Twitter feed @humblebrag, where he’s been retweeting people’s falsely-modest Twitter boasts to much acclaim. Wittels wrote and starred in this new Funny or Die trailer for the Humblebrag book, and the trailer’s a little bit of a humblebrag itself as it shows him [...]

Chris Pratt and Will Arnett to Become Legos. FINALLY!

Remember when Will Arnett played the MRI giver dude on Parks & Recreation and you thought, "He and Andy should totally voice characters in a Lego movie together?" No? Just me? Well, it's happening!  Chris Pratt is set to voice the lead, Dan Lego (ok, that probably won't be the characters name), in Lego: The Piece of Resistance. (Whoever thought of that name should be promoted to Head of Movies.) Arnett will provide the voice to Lego Batman, which is a real part in this movie and the part he was born to play. This ridiculous half live-action and half Lego-based animated film will be released on February [...]

Better Tape Nick Offerman & Chris Pratt's Apocalypse Guide to Your Bunker Wall Now

Parks & Rec's Nick Offerman and Chris Pratt have written a guide to surviving the 2012 Mayan apocalypse, and it's full of whiskey and bears and woodworking. In other words, it's exactly like Nick Offerman's regular life.

3. Assemble a posse of hooligan underlings, choosing a mix of muscular physiques and corpulent ones. Harvest fat from the chubbies and cook the muscular folks in it. When the fatties run out of cellulite to harvest, they are now prime, lean cooking specimens. Obviously you'll need to be fattening up new "team members" as you go, perpetuating the savory cycle.

Obedient, chubby team members? Finally Jerry will be useful for [...]

Chris Pratt Reminisces About His Days as a Door-to-Door Coupon Salesman on 'Conan'

Parks and Recreation and Zero Dark Thirty star Chris Pratt paid a visit to Conan O'Brien's desk last night and told some stories about his early days bossing around a coupon salesman posse in Colorado. He also shares the most intimidating chant used to motivate coupon salesmen ever.

Hit the jump for more from last night's Conan, including Pratt discussing getting in shape to play an Osama bin Laden-hunting Navy SEAL and a funny bit with Brian Stack as a creepy cameraman:

Ron Swanson Records a Bacon Shortage PSA (and May Be the Reason for the Bacon Shortage)

Meat lover Ron Swanson filmed this "The More You Know" PSA to address the bacon shortage that's affecting this fine country of ours. Swanson shares tips on places to hide bacon to keep you well-fed throughout the impending famine, explaining that you can hide bacon in your desk drawer, behind one of your paintings, or under your Aziz Ansari. To be fair, though, Ron Swanson's 38 secret bacon hiding spots might be part of the reason we're experiencing a shortage.

Love and Laughter: 9 Famous Couples Who Came Together via Comedy

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The past decade has seen a major boom in the comedy industry, as more and more avenues for funny people to make comedy (original cable shows, podcasts, Twitter, etc.) have emerged, meaning more and more people are employed in comedy than ever before. Sometimes, these funny people date, marry, and even have children with each other, combining their funny genetics to produce (presumably) even funnier spawn. From Will Arnett and Amy Poehler to Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman, it seems like there are more of these comedy couples by [...]

Review Roundup: The Five-Year Engagement Engages But for Too Long

It was hard to get a sense in the trailer if Five-Year Engagement, the new film from Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller, is going to be good. The pedigree is there both in front and behind the camera but the trailer included a pretty awful "I heard that black pianese are much bigger" joke. So what have the critics been saying?

Currently, it's at a 60% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 59 on Metacritic, which is definitively in the pretty good range. (In comparison, Forgetting Sarah Marshall clocked in at 84% and 67 respectively.) What's interesting is most of the negative reviews and positive reviews [...]

Five-Year Engagement Trailer Is a Pleasant Swirl of Comedy & Romance

Here's the trailer for Five-Year Engagment, written by Jason Segal and Nicholas Stoller and starring Segal and Emily Blunt, set for release April 27. The trailer alone includes one party with champagne, one couple falling into a snowdrift, one twinkly-lit rooftop, and one scene of the couple running towards each other, which together earn it an official rom-com cuteness badge. It should be exciting to see if Segal and Stoller can breathe new life into the petrified corpse of the American romantic comedy. The movie also features Chris Pratt along with one Ms. Alison Brie talking in a British accent, so in the words of Splitsider El Hefe Adam [...]

Chris Pratt Interviews the 'Parks and Recreation' Crew for His New Web Series

Parks and Recreation star Chris Pratt has a new NBC web series, Hangin' with the Crew, in which he interviews members of – you guessed it – the show's crew. Here's the first episode, in which he chats with Parks and Rec's makeup artist Autumn Butler and then tries doing her makeup himself. If you think he's going to do a great job, then you're really bad at predicting silly web series.

Chris Pratt Is Pulling a Rob McElhenney and Gaining 65 Pounds for a New Movie

Chris Pratt is playing a lawyer in Vince Vaughn’s new sperm donor comedy Starbuck, and he’s following in the footsteps of Rob McElhenney, who gained 50 pounds for last season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, by trying to pack on 65 pounds before production begins in November. According to Vulture, Pratt has already gained over 40 pounds and has 25 left to go to reach his goal of 300. Some would say Robert DeNiro and Christian Bale are better-known examples of actors gaining weight for their roles than Rob McElhenney, but those are DRAMATIC actors. Rob McElhenney and Chris Pratt are comedic actors gaining weight for their [...]

Chris Pratt to Play a Lawyer?

Human golden retriever Chris Pratt is in talks to star opposite Vince Vaughn in the remake of the French-Canadian comedy Starbuck. Starbuck is about Vaughn's character learning he's fathered 533 children via sperm donation. Pratt would play Vaughn's lawyer and the father of a whole mess of kids too. Andy as a lawyer!? Crazy. Before this, Pratt is supposed to play one of the marines who killed Osama Bin Laden; though, that sounds more like a job for Bert Macklin.

Chris Pratt Answers Questions, Is Loveable

You ever get the feeling that the stars of Parks & Recreation knowingly act like their characters? Nick Offerman seems to revel in the extreme masculinity hoisted upon to him. Chris Pratt, though far more capable than Andy, apes his characters wide-eyed, big ol' lugness. In his interview with GQ, there are many quoteables that easily could be something Andy would say, well, if he was an actor who played a character like Andy on television. Mostly though, he comes off as humble mixed with Andy's sense of wonder: