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Showtime Announces Return Dates for 'Episodes' and 'Web Therapy'

New episodes of Showtime comedies Episodes and Web Therapy arrive in just a few days. The network announced today that the fourth season of the Matt LeBlanc-starring series Episodes returns this Sunday, January 11th at 10:30pm followed by the premiere of Lisa Kudrow's Web Therapy on Wednesday, January 14th at 11:00pm. Another Friends alum Matthew Perry will guest star in the first two episodes of Web Therapy as Tyler Bishop, "and horrible pathological liar — who is about to be disbarred and needs Fiona's (Kudrow) help." Showtime also announced that Christina Applegate will guest star in the final two episodes of Web Therapy airing on January 21st and 28th [...]

Christina Applegate in Negotiations to Star Alongside Ed Helms in 'Vacation'

Christina Applegate has found her first post-Up All Night gig. Now that her NBC sitcom has imploded, THR reports that Applegate is in talks to play the female lead in the reboot/sequel to the family road trip comedy Vacation. The movie will star Ed Helms as a grown-up Rusty Griswold taking his family on vacation to Wally World, and Applegate's potentially playing Helms's "strong-willed wife who might be losing interest in him." John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein (Horrible Bosses, Burt Wonderstone) are writing/directing and say they're hoping to incorporate characters from the previous series, meaning original stars Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo may wind up playing supporting [...]

'Up All Night' Is Only Doing One Multi-Cam Episode Now

It's been a turbulent few months for NBC's low-rated comedy Up All Night, with the show losing its showrunner, creator, and – just last week – its star Christina Applegate. This comes in the wake of a decision in October to shut down production for a three-month hiatus in order to turn the show into a multi-camera sitcom with a live audience to film the final five episodes of the season. Today, Deadline reports that the remaining episode order has been cut from five to one in the wake of Christina Applegate's departure Friday. Multi-camera vet James Burrows is being brought in to direct [...]

NBC Is Turning 'Up All Night' Into a Multi-Cam Comedy with a Live Audience

NBC is continuing to make some changes to its ratings-challenged Thursday night sitcom Up All Night. Deadline reports the network has ordered three more episodes of the second season, extended it from 13 to 16 episodes, and the final five will be filmed multi-camera with a live studio audience. The cast and crew are currently filming episode 11, but after it wraps next week, they'll take a three-month production hiatus to equip the stage and set for multi-camera filming and a live audience.

All of the single camera episodes will finish airing in December, when the show will take a hiatus until April/May when the rejiggered show [...]

Bruno Mars is Hosting ‘SNL’ for Some Reason; Christina Applegate Is Too

The hosts for two upcoming SNL episodes have just been announced. While it’s old news that Daniel Craig is on duty this weekend with musical guest Muse, the new news is that Christina Applegate will be hosting October 13th with music from Passion Pit and Bruno Mars will be pulling double-duty as both host and musical guest on October 20th. This will be the second time hosting for Applegate; her first was nearly 20 years ago, in 1993, when she was on Married with Children. Applegate stars in the Lorne Michaels-produced NBC sitcom Up All Night, so booking her keeps things in the Broadway Video family. Bruno Mars [...]

New 'Vacation' Movie Runs Into Problems Surprisingly Not Caused by Chevy Chase

A new Vacation movie scheduled to shoot this summer has been delayed indefinitely, and, to the surprise of everyone, noted difficult person Chevy Chase is not the root of the problem. THR reports that shooting on the film, which is set to star Ed Helms as grown-up Griswold spawn Rusty taking his wife (Christina Applegate) and kids on a road trip to Wally World, will be delayed at least a few months – possibly until late this year. The reason for the difficulties is creative differences caused by a split between those who want the movie to be R-rated like the original and those who want a broad PG-13 [...]

The 'Up All Night' Writers Had Some Crazy Ideas for Where to Take the Show

NBC's Up All Night is pretty much done for, and TV Guide has a piece out today looking at the show's life and, more interestingly, its death. After NBC and the producers decided to turn it from a single-camera sitcom to a multi-camera one with a live audience, that apparently wasn't big enough of a change as several high-concept 2.0 versions of the show were pitched and even written. Here's an excerpt from the piece:

"[New showrunner Linda] Wallem and the writing staff began brainstorming ideas for the multi-camera version. One pitch placed a portal between the two worlds — the single-cam and multi-cam versions — [...]

Christina Applegate Leaves 'Up All Night'; Is the Show as Good as Canceled?

Deadline reports that Christina Applegate, the star of NBC's troubled comedy Up All Night, has left the show. Applegate gave a statement saying, "It’s been a great experience working on Up All Night, but the show has taken a different creative direction and I decided it was best for me to move on to other endeavors." The new creative direction Applegate is referring to is a decision by NBC back in October to shut down production for five months in order to retool Up All Night as a multi-camera sitcom with a studio audience. Following the news, the show got a new showrunner, Linda Wallem, in [...]

'SNL' Recap: Christina Applegate and Biden Stage a Comeback

The only thing more entertaining in American politics right now than Joe Biden is the character version of himself he has inspired.

After spending the 2008 election as a less-exciting foil to Sarah Palin and a gaffe-prone campaigner, Joe Biden emerged as the easiest-to-peg member of the new Obama administration. Intensely brash and dangerously honest, Biden stuck out like a sore thumb in a White House that was otherwise tightlipped and pokerfaced. Political comedians, having exhausted their search for a resonating angle on the president, turned their sights on his brazen understudy. “Biden Minimizes Browser Every Time Obama Walks By,” reported The Onion. During his [...]

Potentially Emmy Nominated Actresses Discuss Being Funny and Farts and Vaginas

"So many Emmy roundtables so little time," says everyone this month. "But they talk about farting on set," says I! Also, this roundtable takes place around a square table, which makes it slightly more visually interesting. In the full, uncut version below they discuss hosting SNL, the non-controversy (or nontroversy) surrounding women being funny, and more.

Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo Will Cameo in the New 'Vacation' Movie

The upcoming Vacation reboot/sequel will feature the stars from the original. Variety reports that Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo are in early talks to appear in the new movie as their old characters Clark and Ellen Griswold. Written and directed by Horrible Bosses writers John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, the new Vacation movie follows Ed Helms  as Griswold spawn Rusty, taking his wife (Christina Applegate) and kids on a road trip to Wally World. Said road trip will include a pit stop to visit Rusty's parents, which is where Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo's cameos come in and where trouble on the set of the new [...]

NBC Will Probably Just Cancel 'Up All Night'

NBC is "strongly considering abandoning" plans to reboot its struggling sitcom Up All Night, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The network has yet to officially cancel the show following the departure of its showrunner, creator, and most recently, star Christina Applegate, all in the wake of NBC's decision to turn the show from a single-camera comedy to a multi-cam one taped in front of a live audience. The season's remaining order of five episodes was trimmed to one last week, but Deadline reports that one episode is being scrapped too. THR says the show's writing staff is looking for new jobs and [...]

What's Going On with 'Up All Night?'

The creator of NBC's troubled sitcom Up All Night, Emily Spivey, has just left the show in the midst of a massive creative revamp by the network, according to The Hollywood Reporter. THR doesn't give a reason for Spivey's departure, but it comes during a turbulent season full of network retooling for Up All Night, which stars Christina Applegate, Will Arnett, and Maya Rudolph. In October, NBC put the series on a three-month hiatus in order to convert it from a single-camera to a multi-camera show with a live audience – a rare, almost unprecedented move for a sitcom to make midway through its run. On top [...]

'SNL' Promos Feature Christina Applegate and Jason Sudeikis Reviving New Jack Swing

This week's SNL host Christina Applegate paired up with cast member Jason Sudeikis to record this series of promos, most of which reference her last time hosting the show back in 1993 when she was a cast member on Married… with Children. Sudeikis mentions the "Matt Foley" sketch Applegate appeared in 19 years ago, which was the first time Chris Farley played his motivational speaker character on TV. Of course, this batch of early 90s references wouldn't be complete without Applegate and Sudeikis dancing to new jack swing music, proving that every SNL promo should heavily feature new jack swing from now on.