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What's on TV This Week: The Emmys and the Finale of 'Chelsea Lately'

Tonight, Seth Meyers hosts the Primetime Emmy Awards from LA. Emmys will be given to Outstanding Comedy Series, the Best Actor and Actress in a Comedy Series along with Outstanding Writing and Directing for a comedy series, amongst many others. Also this week Chelsea Handler’s show Chelsea Lately comes to a close in a one-hour live finale. Handler will begin a new talk show on Netflix set to premiere in 2016. Tosh.0 is back with new episodes as well as Colbert Report, The Daily Show, and @midnight. In late night, Mike Myers will be on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Check out this week’s full comedy listings below:

Stephen Colbert Sings the Praises of the Freedom Ship

There are some not-too-realistic sounding plans for a gigantic "Freedom Ship" being made right now, which would essentially be a floating city for rich people to live on in order to dodge taxes in the most flamboyant way possible. On last night's Colbert Report, Stephen walked through the many upsides of living on this floating fortress, including the ever-luxurious "walls."

Stephen Colbert Takes Sides on Karl Rove vs. the Tea Party

Last night, Colbert dove deep on the growing civil war between establishment Republicans and their brash Tea Party cousins. He focused on "unlanced boil" Karl Rove's new SuperPAC, which is aimed at taking down more extreme right wingers in primaries before they get the chance to talk into microphones and let large groups of people know what they actually believe. Whose side does he take? He's just got to listen to his heart…er, gall bladder.

The Election Made Stephen Colbert Sad

Stephen Colbert opened his show last night wearing a robe while he glumly munched on popcorn, still bummed out over Mitt Romney's loss. Those of you who voted for Barack Obama did this to him. Doesn't feel so great now, does it?

Hit the jump to see more of Colbert moping over the "four more years of hopey change" that Obama has in store for us.

Comedians Don't Think Donald Trump Is as Great as He Thinks He Is

Classy guy Donald Trump has been a comedy goldmine for years now, but his recent massive, game-changing "October Surprise" bombshell has really upped the ante on all the Trump mockery. Here's Stephen Colbert out-Trumping Trump with his own offer: he'll donate $1 million to the charity of Trump's choosing if the real estate mogul lets him dip his balls in his mouth. Colbert has set a 5pm October 31st deadline. Clock's ticking, Trump.

Elsewhere, The Onion ran a piece called "Donald Trump Announces He's a Very Sad Man," and, of course, comedians on Twitter have been having a go at Trump too. Here's a collection of the funniest [...]

Stephen Colbert Mourns the Imminent Outlawing of the Tiger Selfie

Apparently, New York is considering banning taking selfies with a tiger. Yes, taking a selfie with a tiger is now a thing, and our no-fun nanny state government is going to put a stop to our dangerous and exploitive behavior. Thanks, Obama! But luckily Stephen Colbert is on the side of justice and selfies.

Stephen Colbert Has Some Thoughts on Amazon's Delivery Drones

With the news that Amazon wants to start delivering products via drone within in the next few years, Stephen Colbert decided to help out the mega-retailer with an even bolder idea as to how its customers can get their products ASAP. We'll see if Bezos has the balls to go through with Colbert's plan.

How Stephen Colbert Trained Himself to Never Feel Embarrassment

Here's John Hodgman on SiriusXM's "Unmasked," in which he talks about how he heard Stephen Colbert rid himself of ever feeling embarrassed: by a strange version of immersion therapy, in which he basically did very embarrassing things in public until it didn't bother him anymore. Comedic commitment: Stephen Colbert basically defines it.

'Daily Show' and 'Colbert' Will Give You the Only Live Election Coverage You Need

Once again, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report will be reporting live on election night on Tuesday, marking the sixth presidential election (since 1992) that Comedy Central is covering live. The shows will air live at 11 and 11:30 on the East Coast, 8 and 8:30 on the West Coast. The Daily Show's coverage is called "Election Night 2012: This Ends Now," while Colbert's is "Election 2012: A Nation Votes, Ohio Decides; The Re-Presidenting of America: Who Will Replace Obama? ‘012!" This should easily top the election coverage from the so-called "real news," whose journalists "with credentials" aren't half as good at coming up with these funny, really [...]

The Best of Late Night's Responses to the Presidential Debate

America's late night shows took on Tuesday's presidential debate this week, all of them going about it in their own unique way. Here's Jon Stewart laying into Mitt Romney over his contraception stance and his "binders full of women" remark, as well as complimenting Barack Obama (who's appearing on The Daily Show tonight!) for actually deciding to attend this debate.

Check out some more highlights from late night's coverage of the second debate after the jump:

Stephen Colbert Grew a "Tony Stark Goatee" to Show Solidarity with Billionaires

Stephen Colbert unveiled some stylish (?) new facial hair on last night's episode of The Colbert Report. His "Tony Stark goatee" was grown to show solidarity with that poor, put-upon class: billionaires. It was all to prep for his guest, French economist Thomas Piketty, who argues for a punitive global tax on the very wealthy to help fight income inequality in his new book Capital. Obviously, the super rich like Stephen Colbert and Tony Stark are in no way on board with these ideas. Check out his intro to the goatee and Piketty above, with his confrontation with Piketty below.

Stephen Colbert Has Some Solid Suggestions for Making a Bit More Money

Last night on The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert took a look at the creative ways in which Americans are making ends meet. And luckily, he's got a few more suggestions for how hard-working folks can make the most of what they've got.

Frank Oz Won't Tell Stephen Colbert Where Muppets Come From

Frank Oz, voice of Miss Piggy and Yoda as well as the director of Little Shop of Horrors, What About Bob?, and tons more, made his Colbert Report debut last night and took the time to tell Stephen Colbert he's a fan of his show, particularly of Colbert's ritual of bowing and taking applause while introducing his guest. Colbert asks Oz whether Muppets have sex or not, an idea that seems to wildly offend Oz. Plus, get a glimpse of the original ending to Little Shop of Horrors, which was originally restored on the director's cut Blu-Ray. Compliments, Muppet sex, and secret movie endings. What more can you want [...]

Tom Hanks and Matt Damon Celebrate Halloween with Stephen Colbert

Living legend Tom Hanks made an appearance on The Colbert Report last night to share some Halloween tips and not to plug his latest movie, Cloud Atlas. Here he is with some fun costume suggestions for trick-or-treaters, which just happen to all be characters from his movies. It's a complete coincidence, as is the appearance of Matt Damon in his Saving Private Ryan costume because A-list movie stars always go door-to-door for candy on Halloween, dressed up as their past roles. It has nothing with Hanks trying to get to get people to see Cloud Atlas by showing off how many good movies he's been in, that's for sure.