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Trevor Potter Looks Back on Setting Up Stephen Colbert's Super PAC

Stephen Colbert's former lawyer Trevor Potter wrote a piece for The Washington Post this week to mark the fifth anniversary of the Supreme Court Citizens United decision, and it's a great look back at the brilliance and lasting influence of Stephen Colbert's super PAC "Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow." Potter appeared on The Colbert Report several times during the Colbert Super PAC saga and was tasked with drafting up all legal documents and assisting Colbert in the purely legal financial venture, and in the Washington Post article he outlines some his most notable lessons learned from the whole process. Here's an excerpt:

When the Colbert Super [...]

Get Your Own Colbert Super PAC Super Fun Pack for Only $99

Late last week, Stephen Colbert announced the next step in his march to Super PAC dominance: the Colbert Super PAC Super Fun Pack, a starter kit for college students to get involved with his fundraising efforts. It includes such vital fundraising supplies as a Turtles Don't Like Peanut Butter t-shirt and a sign that says "If this Super PAC is Caucusing, Don’t Bother Knockusing." You know, standard political stuff. Additionally, it'll come with a treasure map that will lead to real-deal treasure, with the treasure being a free appearance by Colbert himself at your school. The Super Fun Pack is available for preorder now for a minimum donation [...]

Colbert's Super PAC Is More Popular Than Romney's in Texas

The Colbert Super PAC wasn't content to simply raise a million dollars. Nope, it's also continuing to show up actual candidates for the presidency. Colbert's PAC, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, is more popular in Texas than Mitt Romney's leading Super PAC, Restore Our Future. While Romney's PAC had only 15 Texan donors over $200, Colbert's had 17. And he isn't the one who's actually, you know, running for president. Maybe Romney should try releasing some funny videos?

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart's Epic Super PAC Foot Chase

With that scavenging vulture Jon Stewart clutching the Colbert Super PAC in his greedy talons, Stephen Colbert took matters into his own hands last night and paid him a little visit on The Daily Show. They ended up embarking on a foot chase that can only be described as truly epic. It can also be described by saying that by the end of it, you may be very afraid of ever crossing Stephen Colbert. Part 2 below.

Cain/Colbert Received a Paltry 1% of the South Carolina Primary Vote

So much for the two-headed Colbert-Cain super-candidate hydra. Despite a crowd at their joint rally that qualified as the biggest crowd yet of the 2012 campaign, only 6,324 out of about 600,000 voters threw their support behind Cain in the South Carolina Primary — and it's uncertain how many of those people meant to symbolically support Colbert and how many just like pizza and creepy, slow-burning smiles. Does this mean Colbert's exploratory committee has met its end? Will he seize back the power of his Super PAC from Jon Stewart's cold, cash-filled hands? Or will he somehow interpret the minuscule number of voters as a sign [...]

'Colbert Report' Fans Know More About Campaign Financing Than Regular News Viewers

When The Colbert Report ends its run on Comedy Central this December, the late night news world will not only be losing one of its most hilarious characters, but it'll also be losing television's most effective educator of politics and campaign finance. According to Deadline, a new study has found that viewers of Colbert's super PAC coverage during the last presidential election season "were better informed about campaign financing and the role of money in politics than viewers of actual news channels and other, actual-news shows."

Dubbed Stephen Colbert's Civics Lesson, the study was conducted through phone interview data from 1,232 adults ages 18+ between December [...]

Following Colbert's Lead and Fighting the Super PACs

So it's as bad as we thought. When the Colbert Report first began highlighting the looming threat of Super PACs last year, the rest of the country was still obsessed with the president's birth certificate and the wording of Sarah Palin's latest tweets. We are paying attention now. We see in hindsight that it was Super PAC spending, and not the Tea Party "movement," behind the 2010 elections. We have watched this year's Republican election be hijacked by three delusional millionaires, and only one of them is a candidate.

Thanks to the efforts of Stephen Colbert and a few others, we have awareness of campaign spending abuse aplenty. [...]

How Stephen Colbert Has Demolished a Supreme Court Decision Like Nothing Else Could

It's Colbert vs. the Supreme Court: the Court may have nine members, but Colbert has the self-assuredness of at least 20 people. This article outlines how Colbert "has probably done more to undermine public confidence in the court’s 2010 Citizens United opinion than anyone, including the dissenters." It's a good summation of the many opinions out there on what exactly his Super PAC is giving us: an entertaining performance? A frightening lesson? An ironic middle finger? It's also a good reminder to think about which members of the current Supreme Court would be toughest in a physical fight. (Without question, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Right?)

Jon Stewart Is Stubbornly Refusing to Return the Colbert Super PAC Moneybags

Stephen Colbert was all ready to retrieve his Super PAC from Jon Stewart's avuncular, custodial arms when he was shocked to find those same arms greedily hoarding the money – and continuing to do so four days later. In an email to PAC members (below), Stewart admits he's gotten into a bit of a jam vis-à-vis liquid assets. "I didn't mean to spend so much. But you know how it is – you gold-plate one plate, and then you realize you've got to do all the dishes, or else they won't match." Tell me about it, Stewart. I just chipped my tooth on a gilded frying pan. [...]

Stephen Colbert Drank a Steaming Hot Cup of Morning Joe Today

Stephen Colbert visited Morning Joe today, or as he rechristened it, "Evening Joe brought to you by Jack Daniels." Up for discussion was last night's Republican debate, from which Stephen was conspicuously absent. He also talks about Herman Cain, coyly maintains that he's only exploring a presidential run, and most importantly reveals why the "t" in his last name is silent – all the while criticizing the "garbage" questions thrown at him by these so-called journalists. Navigating the media is a tightrope walk, but Colbert maneuvers it with the grace of a real Southern gentleman.

Colbert's Super PAC Has Tons More Money Than Ron Paul's Busted-Ass Super PAC

Further proof that politics are a joke and the punchline is always money: Stephen Colbert's Super PAC has officially raised more money than the Super PAC backing Ron Paul, Take Endorse Liberty — potentially because the name of Paul's Super PAC makes no fucking sense. Take Endorse Liberty? Does your libertarian hatred of laws extend to the laws of the English language? But whatever the reason, here are the numbers: Colbert's Super PAC has $794,000 cash-on-hand and raised $44,000 in March, while Paul's Super PAC has $54,000 on hand and raised a paltry $13,000 in March.

Which begs the question: who the hell is sending Ron Paul's [...]

Colbert and Cain, Together Again

Stephen Colbert's clearly been lost without his collaborator in crime Herman Cain. Look at him! He's absolutely distraught. Which is why it's such great news that Cain made what's probably the most absurd political ad in the history of media, all so Colbert could spend a delicious five minutes making fun of it. And, duh, making his own ad in response. Just like the good old days of Colbert n' Cain.

The Colbert Super PAC Has Raised Over a Million Dollars

The Colbert Super PAC has raised $1,023,121.24 as of 12:01 this morning. Not too shabby for a comedy news program. As Colbert put it in a press release, "It’s the way our founding fathers would have wanted it, if they had founded corporations instead of just a country."

Stephen Colbert's Presidential Exploration Is Over and He Wants His Super PAC Back, Dammit

Well, Stephen Colbert's brief campaign for President of the United States of South Carolina has finally come to a close after Herman Cain shockingly didn't win the South Carolina primary. The good news is that Colbert can get his Super PAC back where it belongs once more, in his very own hand-knitted stars-and-stripes billfold. Unless interim supervisor Jon Stewart has anything to say about it. Dun dun dun! Read Stewart's message to PAC members below, in which he advises Colbert to "take a long walk off a short go-f%¢#-yourself." War of the Comedy Central fake news hosts!