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'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver' Creates the Perfect Port Authority Souvenir

New York's Port Authority recently got in a dispute with kitchenware store Fishs Eddy over selling plates depicting the New York City skyline after claiming that they own exclusive rights and control of it, so John Oliver and Last Week Tonight decided to create a souvenir plate that celebrates the true image the Port Authority is best known for — the disgusting Port Authority Bus Terminal — with some help from NYC spokesman Colin Quinn.

'Modern Comedian' Goes Behind the Scenes of Colin Quinn's 'Unconstitutional'

The latest in Scott Moran's excellent Modern Comedian web series follows standup legend Colin Quinn behind the scenes of his latest one-man show, Unconstitutional. Colin delves into the Constitution's relevance today, the benefit of a theater over a club, and how his next show might involve paranormal tricks.

The Most Important Things That Happened At Montreal's Just For Laughs

The Montreal Just For Laughs Festival always has a seriously impressive artist lineup, with galas hosted by the likes of Joan Rivers, Eddie Izzard, and Sarah Silverman. But it's JFL's industry conference, now dubbed ComedyPro, that makes the festival the comedy world's equivalent of an annual convention. Executives, agents, bookers, comics, and other interested parties (like your correspondents) collect for a festival that is part sales convention and part summer camp. And what happens in Montreal in July tends to impact the comedy community for the year to come. 2011's saw Louis C.K. named Comedy Person of the Year, the same year he would go on to revolutionize [...]

Talking to Colin Quinn About His New One-Man Show, 'Tough Crowd', and Being the King of Twitter

There have been many chapters in Colin Quinn's career since he first appeared on MTV's Remote Control in 1987. The former SNL castmember went on to host the short-lived but brilliant Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn on Comedy Central; more recently, his unique Twitter persona caught the eye of the New York TimesFollowing on the success of his Broadway one-man show Colin Quinn: Long Story Short, his "history of the world in 75 minutes," Colin Quinn's new show, Unconstitutional, aims to tackle "226 years of American Constitutional calamities." I caught up with after a preview performance of his show to talk about constitutional conventions, comedy nerds, and how sincerity infuriates people.

What was it about the Constitution [...]

'The Ben Stiller Show' Is Getting the Band Back Together

In November, the New York Comedy Festival is bringing together all the major players of The Ben Stiller Show: Janeane Garafolo, Bob Odenkirk, Judd Apatow, Andy Dick, Jeff Kahn, Rob Cohen, and, you guessed it, Ben Stiller. This about 20 years since the show was canceled by Fox after only 12 episodes. In that time, many of these people went on to great careers and others were Andy Dick.  Other announced shows include a live taping of You Made It Weird, "Crowd Work with Colin Quinn," Splitsider's own Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer will be doing "Nikki & Sara & Friends," and Denis Leary will have a [...]

Colin Quinn Gives Seth Meyers Some 'Late Night' Improvement Suggestions

Last night, former Weekend Update anchors Colin Quinn and Seth Meyers had a chat about everything from the time Quinn wanted them to take over hosting for the 2012 Oscars to a bunch of Quinn's ideas for how Meyers can improve Late Night. Quinn also called out Fred Armisen — who was absent on last night's show — for ditching his bandleader duties to go to a comedy festival instead, telling Meyers "You gotta start cracking the whip around here."

Colin Quinn On Why the United States Might Need to Split Up

The always delightful Colin Quinn dropped by Totally Biased last night, and his recent Constitutional expertise made him a perfect person to talk about the government shutdown. He and Kamau also talked about diversity on SNL, the gentrification of Brooklyn, and the benefits of theaters versus comedy clubs.

Colin Quinn Was Once Chased Out of a Comedy Club by Guys with Bats

Here's Colin Quinn telling his worst standup story on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon web series, Worst I Ever Bombed. His story, from the '80s, involves him flipping his audience off for the final ten minutes of his act, him not getting paid, and guys waiting outside for him with bats. It's easily the worst story anyone's told on Worst I Ever Bombed yet.

Jimmy Fallon Asks Colin Quinn What's Up with His Sarcastic Tweets

Jimmy Fallon had his Weekend Update predecessor Colin Quinn as a guest on Late Night Friday, and he took the opportunity to ask Quinn about his habit of only using Twitter to anger his followers with bone-dry sarcasm. Fallon brings up some recent tweets in which Quinn jokingly chided him for attending a fancy celebrity wedding in Italy. Cornered, Quinn claimed his account was hacked, which is how all of us should handle it when our friends confront us about talking shit about them on the internet.

Colin Quinn Explains Those Laugh-A-Minute Will Ferrell Tweets

Colin Quinn doesn't believe that anyone could miss the humor of his clearly hilarious joke Tweets about Will Ferrell. Though he admits Twitter's not a great medium for subtle jokes, "why not just fuck around?" he asks. "What else is Twitter good for?" Sure! Or wait. Maybe Twitter IS a great medium for subtle jokes and this whole interview is a super-duper extra-subtle joke. Am I being trolled RIGHT NOW? I don't know what to believe anymore!

Talking to Colin Quinn About Standup, Twitter Hate, and 'Girls' Season 3

SNL veteran Colin Quinn, who sarcastically hails himself as “one of the great writers in the entertainment industry,” will host the 66th annual Writers Guild Awards in New York Saturday. Quinn is currently touring his one-man show Colin Quinn: Unconstitutional (nicknamed “The Toosh”) and appearing on Girls as Alex Karpovsky’s bespectacled, coffee-shop-owning mentor. He’s also working with old friends Jim Norton, Nick DiPaolo and Tom Papa on a very meta Jerry Seinfeld-produced cop show about making a cop show. It’s called Cop Show.

I recently had a chance to talk to Quinn about his thoughts on the New York standup scene, the sheer vitriol he faces [...]

"It Was a Fighter's Comedy Show": The Oral History of 'Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn'

2013 has brought an unprecedented wave of new late night shows. Most stick to the tried and true late night format of scripted segments and celebrity guests, or the faux news style of Comedy Central's late night lineup. But years before The Colbert Report became a staple of that network, another topical show occupied its coveted post-Daily Show spot. A mix of the roundtable debates of Politically Incorrect and the unpredictability of live standup, Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn was possibly the purest form of comedy ever on television: a bunch of comedians in a room, having it out over politics, current events, and [...]

Colin Quinn Says He Came Up with the Name 'Grown Ups'

Here's Jimmy Fallon's Weekend Update predecessor Colin Quinn on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night, jokingly claiming that he came up with the title Grown Ups for Adam Sandler. "I came up with the name," he says. "I swear to God, I'm not even doing a bit. I came up with the name Grown Ups." It's one of many funny claims that Quinn makes throughout the interview, including one that his Twitter account was hacked and another that he went to do a gig in Cleveland while working at SNL and came back to find Jimmy Fallon in his Weekend Update chair.

Check out the other half of [...]

Colin Quinn Is Willing to Write Louis C.K.'s 'SNL' Episode for Him

Colin Quinn heard the news about Louis C.K. hosting SNL next week, and he's taken to Twitter to offer up some suggestions for sketches. Quinn, an SNL veteran and former Weekend Update anchor, is the only person that Louis C.K. follows on Twitter, and the two Comedy Cellar regulars have been staples of the New York stand-up scene for decades. Colin Quinn has made headlines in the past for his sarcastic tweets, cheekily accusing Will Ferrell of stealing the idea for Anchorman from him and ironically saying terrifying racist and homophobic stuff. Yesterday, he began pitching Louis C.K. a series of comedy sketches, should he [...]