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Larry Wilmore and the 'Nightly Show' Panel Explore Some Unconventional College Majors

Last night's Nightly Show took on the topic of of the value of a college degree and skyrocketing tuition costs, and during the panel, Wilmore (wearing a beautiful spandex suit) ran some unconventional degrees by guests Kurt Metzger, Fareed Zakaria, and Anya Kamenetz for a game of "B.A. or B.S." Watch another clip from the panel below:

This Week In Web Videos: B1G Ten Trash Talk

There's like one month a year when I don't feel like a total misfit: late July/early August. Hockey fans have forgotten all about the Cup, we're weeks and weeks past the NBA Finals, and Sunday afternoon football is a distant fleck. Sure, baseball's happening but, as long as you don't live across the street from Yankees Stadium or the Green Giant, few people seem to give a fly ball fuck and, if they do, they're comparatively quiet about it. This is my time. It's when I feel good about humanity, about our collective ability to discuss things other than balls being thrown for money. But bliss is fleeting and [...]

Watch 'Community's Jim Rash in a Recruitment Video for Greendale

Here's a fun three-minute recruitment video for Community's Greendale College, starring Jim Rash as Dean Pelton. The video is a promotion for the fourth season of Community's upcoming DVD release, which I assume Dan Harmon won't be purchasing.

The Complete Guide To Everything: College Urban Legends

This week's episode is the first installment of our new series of Urban Legends themed episodes (which will appear monthly, or until we forget about them). This week we're talking about college.

Are sorority houses illegal under some states' brothel laws? Do you get straight A's if your roommate commits suicide? Did some nerd win a car for reading the small print in a textbook? Do you really get 200 points on the SAT for spelling your name correctly? Tim and Tom get to the bottom of these questions and more, with the help of the extremely informative website snoops.biz.

Also, we discuss mistakes we made on New Year's [...]

Listen to a Young Johnny Carson Explain Humor Writing

For his senior thesis at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Johnny Carson created an audio program that explained how to write comedy for radio. You can listen to the 45 minute thesis here. (Ignore the first completely unintelligible minute or so.) Using clips from popular programs, he analyzed how to perform things like running gags and comedy duo routines. Beyond being interesting for any fan of Carson's, he does do a really great job explaining the mechanics of certain types of bits. For example: "Step 1: Call your yourself something 'the Magnificent.' Step 2: Hold an envelope up to your head. Step 3: Say an ambiguous phrase. Step 4…"

Check Out 'The Harvard Crimson's Comedy Issue

Harvard's daily newspaper The Crimson published a new comedy-centric issue of its weekly magazine Fifteen Minutes dedicated to the university's long history with humor, and it's full of great insight from Harvard grads like Spy magazine co-founder Kurt Andersen, former Simpsons showrunner Mike Reiss, television writer/producer Nell Scovell, comedian/author Baratunde Thurston, Office alum B.J. Novak, and more. Here's an excerpt from Mike Reiss's essay "Harvard Comedy (and Other Oxymorons)":

Back in the '70s, Harvard Comedy was considered an oxymoron. Like jumbo shrimp. Or Fox News. (For you legacies, an oxymoron is a contradiction in terms. [For you double legacies, a contradiction is… oh, forget it. You'd [...]

Here's an Infomercial for a Fake College Written by Ex-'Onion' Writers that Adult Swim Has Been Airing at 4AM

Adult Swim has been quietly airing this fake infomercial for "For-Profit Online University" all this week at 4am. FPOU is a one-off special from a conglomerate of former Onion writers called Wild Aggressive Dog, which is made up of Geoff Haggerty, Dan Klein, Matthew Klinman, Michael Pielocik, Chris Sartinsky, and Sam West. FPOU was written and directed by West, with some writing assistance from the other Wild Aggressive Dog writers, and it stars Nicole Byer, Nick Corirossi, and Brian Huskey, among others. The network has been airing faux-infomercial's late at night, like Michael Ian Black's series You're Whole or Rob Huebel's one-off Dragon Shumway knife infomercial, but FPOU is the [...]

Watch Lewis Black Give a College Commencement Speech

Of course, Lewis Black is the first person you'd pick to speak at a college commencement ceremony. (via Laughspin)

A Funny Thing #32: The Old College Try with Jon Gabrus

Jon Gabrus lived the quintessential Hollywood college experience, if Hollywood was the name of an alternate world where everyone thought it was super cool to walk around with a bee on a string, shit your Gap boxer-briefs in front of a freshman co-ed, and drive with your eyes closed, high on stolen, canned oxygen. Make sure you've still got all your teeth and buckle up. Jon Gabrus is taking you to school.

Jon Gabrus can be seen hosting MTV2's The Guy Code. New episodes start this January, but if you'd like to see his cherubic grin right now, just look over your shoulders, or more specifically at mtv2.com.

How College Comedies Are Watched by All Ages of Dudes

"College is the best time of your life," is something people like to say and believe. It’s also something that self-perpetuates itself: you approach college with that special time of your life vigor and demand nothing less. Accordingly, it's the college comedy film's obligation to capture this ethos from all angles: those looking forward to college, those in college, and those looking back at college.

Animal House came out on DVD around the time I was applying for colleges. My dad swiftly purchased it for me with the advice of, "You should watch this before you go to college." I am not unique in this; dads were buying their [...]

How to Start Your Career in Comedy: A Guide for College Students

So you want to work in comedy when you grow up?

First of all, I'm really glad you’ve started reading Splitsider. You already know the first step of building a comedy career: learn as much as you can about the industry.

Second of all, are you reading this during class? Because you should seriously be paying attention to your professor, underpaid adjunct faculty member, and/or TA. The article will still be waiting when class is over.

If you want a career in comedy, you’re probably wondering what you can do to get from Point A: Where You Are Now, No Comedy Career, to Point B: Amazing Comedy Career, Life Dreams [...]

Fox Wins the Bidding War for Tina Fey's New College Sitcom

Next season, Tina Fey might end up having new comedies on two different networks. Last week, we told you that Tina Fey and her fellow 30 Rock writer/producers Robert Carlock and Matt Hubbard are developing a new sitcom and that multiple networks were in a bidding war for it. Now, Deadline reports that Fox has bought the project with a series commitment for 2014-15, beating out NBC.

The untitled series will be executive produced by Fey and Carlock and created by Hubbard. It follows an all-womens college that begins letting in men for the first time. This is the second show Fey has in the works for next season, following [...]

Every Advantage, by Nick Taylor

When I was five minutes old, my father gave my umbilical cord to a man in a pinstriped suit, who was waiting in the hall. “He’s going to bank your cord blood, son. It might be useful someday. God knows they want a king’s ransom, but your mother and I want you to have every advantage.”

“Ga,” said I.

My sainted mother fought thrush infections in both her breasts and cracked nipples that bled like open wounds in order to provide me with mother’s milk until I was two years old. “I want to tear my chest off,” she cooed in my ear, “but I can’t imagine not giving [...]

Nick Offerman Reveals the Secrets of Ron Swanson's Mustache

"Two weeks is a passable mustache. It’s like, 'Yeah, that’s a mustache.' But it takes longer for the upper nasal labial whiskers to reach the top lip. To grow the full ’stache is five to six weeks. Fun fact: facial hair is the provenance of the makeup department, not the hair department. We have this amazing makeup head named Autumn Butler, and she takes a lot of pride in maintaining Ron Swanson’s mustache."

–Nick Offerman, talking to The Believer, about his luscious lip fur.