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Here's a Song from Bo Burnham's New Special, Written from the Perspective of God

Comedian Bo Burnham is releasing his new special, what., on Tuesday (the 17th) for free on Youtube, and here's the first song from it. It's called "From God's Perspective," and it's a pretty perfect song for Christmastime.

'Superego' Is Releasing a Country Rock Album July 2nd

The guys behind the excellent comedy podcast Superego are putting out their first album. Called Mount Us More, it's a comedy music album from their fictional outlaw country rock band, The Journeymen, led by Shunt McGuppin and Mutt Taylor. The record is set for release on Tuesday, July 2nd, and it's the first new material from the Superego  gang since their podcast wrapped its third season in March. Hard copies and digital downloads of the album will be available via the official website, Bandcamp, iTunes, and Amazon. I've had the chance to listen to some of the album, and it's really funny and full of good music too. [...]

Rick Moranis's New Comedy Music Album Is Out Now

Earlier this month, living comedy legend Rick Moranis announced that he's putting out a new album, entitled My Mother's Brisket & Other Love Songs, and that album is now here. It's a super Jewish collection of humorous songs from Grammy-nominated Moranis. The comedian says on his official website, "When I first began writing jokes and sketches with various Jewish partners one of us would inevitably stop at some point and announce, 'Too Jewish!' Too Jewish for the star, the show, the network, or the audience. The songs on this album are all in that category." You can pick up the album at Amazon or listen to it [...]