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Conan O'Brien Is Doing a Week of Shows from Comic-Con in 2015

Conan O'Brien is set to become the first late night host to do a week of shows from Comic-Con. The TBS host plans to broadcast his shows from July 8 to July 12, 2015 (yes, that's really far away) from San Diego's Spreckels Theater during the massive annual comic book convention, Deadline reports. O'Brien recently took his show to Dallas last week coinciding with the NCAA championship.

Kumail Nanjiani Shares His Comic-Con Experience

Here's comedian Kumail Nanjiani on Conan last night, telling a funny story about a weird thing that happened to him at Comic-Con this year.

A 'Ted' Sequel Is Basically Inevitable at this Point

This weekend, Seth MacFarlane told  the American Dad Comic-Con panel: "I’d be open to making Ted 2." This might have to do with the fact that the film is cleaning up at the box office. After making another $20+ million this weekend, Ted has nearly grossed $160 million domestically in just three weeks. This already puts it as the seventh highest earning R-rated comedy ever. So, yeah, Ted 2 seems like a sure thing, as this is exactly when Hollywood makes sequels. Here's an idea: Ted 2: Ted Goes to a TED Conference (Blammo! [drops microphone]).

NY Comic Con 2011: Why It’s Good To Be a Fan

To get to the Venture Brothers panel at New York Comic Con 2011, I had to wait in a long line to get to another line, to get to another line, all to get to the main line for admission to the IGN Theater. During the wait, I befriended the suited guy in front of me, who said he’d recently moved to New York from Atlanta. Trying to think of something conversation-y to say, I told him I was surprised that so many people wore costumes when the costume contest wasn’t till Sunday. He smiled at me and said, “You’ve never been to a con before, have you?”

When [...]

Robot Chicken Escorts You Around Comic-Con

I think the fact that Robot Chicken's Comic-Con photo Tumblr is named Cyborg Turkey is just the bees' knees. Then again, I'm still so asleep, my eyelashes are crusted together, so please enjoy it on your own terms. Take a brief but informative look around RC's live-bloggings from San Diego to discover whether or not Breckin Meyer is sitting on a panel (he is!) and if Seth MacFarlane rolled up in a DeLorean (seems about right.)

The Complete Guide to Everything: Batman vs. Superman – The Movie

This week we're of course talking about a movie that isn't coming out for two years, doesn't even have an official title, and very little information has been released about: Batman vs. Superman. Also this week we discuss Tim's upcoming train vacation and go over five entries into the new Tim and Tom Solve Your Problems song contest, almost half of which are disqualified immediately. We also solve a listener email about whether he should try to date his best friend's sister long distance.

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Slap on a Costume and Watch 'Community's' Comic-Con Panel

Once you get passed the weird Bar Mitzvah dancer-esque intros, this is a loosey, goosey fun time. Not much news is given up, other than that Nick Kroll and his Germans are coming back, but it's nice to see the gang somewhat seriously talk about their characters and hang out with each other. And for what it's worth, doesn't David Guarascio just seem like a really cool guy. He's just all smiles and hair.

'Community's' Comic-Con Offered a Gag-Reel with a Side of Reassurance

I like a good gag reel as much as the next lover of gag reels, but this gag reel needs to be at least 10 times longer. Right!? Sure, we get to see Alison Brie "rap" for 30 seconds straight but why not 300 seconds of Brie-styling? This was first shown at the show's Comic-Con panel. Accounts from the panel make it seem like it was mostly a love fest/asking if everything is going to be OK fest. To the latter point, new showrunners Moses Port and David Guarascio were positive. Guarascio:

A couple of months ago, we were a lot like you: just huge fans of the show [...]

Seth Meyers, Fred Armisen Talk SNL At Comic-Con

I'm sorry if that headline suggested that Fred Armisen and Seth Meyer's Comic-Con appearance on the Portlandia audience Q&A offered any sort of specific details about, say, Fred Armisen's departure from SNL or a possible Weekend Update co-anchor or what, if anything, doesn't look better with a bird on it. That being said, you know what happens when you assume, right? "I don't think that far into the future," Armisen said, when asked when he planned to exit the show. As for whether we'll see any new faces in one of the anchor chairs, Meyers replied, "No idea. Right now, I think it will be just me for [...]

Watch the Entire 'Community' Comic-Con Panel

Here's the full 50-minute panel with the Community cast and creator Dan Harmon from Comic-Con last week. Of course, it starts with Harmon running around in an Iron Man suit.

Big Bang Theory Is Sending a Fan to Space

Big Bang Theory is sending a fan to space. The winner's name is Mercedes Becerra and she sure won the Mercedes of prizes. (Well, I guess a Mercedes would be the Mercedes of prizes but Mercedes can't go to space, sooooo…) This is after one of the show's main characters, Howard Wolowitz, went to space last season. It must be pretty, pretty nice to be super popular and able to afford silly, amazing things like this. It was also announced at Comic-Con that Community will be sending a fan to their local Subway with an almost fully-punched free sub card.  

'Bob's Burgers" Poster Attempts to Prevent Comic-Con Choking Deaths

Over 130,000 people attend Comic-Con each year and about 90,000 of those people choke to death (give or take 90,000). Bob's Burgers wants to bring that number down with the help of this choking first aid poster. Tips include: "Keeping the head titled and the mouth open, pinch the victim's nose to make him look more elegant, then say 'all board the smooch train.'"  The posters are meant to promote the Bob's Burgers panel that takes place Friday at 4 p.m. and will be given out at Fox's booth. However, knowing Bob's Burgers, this is all probably a viral marketing stunt to promote their new Artichoke Your Chicken Burger (comes [...]

COCO MoCA Unveiled At Comic-Con

If you've ever dropped a note in the MoMA's suggestion box demanding "more Conan O'Brien, you philistines" then the newly-opened Museum of Conan Art (Coco MoCA) is the place to satiate your craving for fine pompadoured art. Open as of last night, MoCA showcases fan-art of Coco, in particular images of The Flaming C such as artist Nathan Sawaya's Lego interpretation of the oven-mitted crusader. MoCA is also currently taking submissions, if you can get your life-sized wood carving of Conan out of its wedding dress and into the mail without having a panic attack. With is a pretty big if.