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Here's Bill Watterson's First Cartoon in 19 Years

The elusive man behind Calvin and Hobbes has given his first on-camera interview and published his first cartoon in nearly two decades. According to Slate, Bill Watterson recently sat down for his "first-ever recorded interview" with David Kellett and Fred Schroeder for their forthcoming comic strip-focused documentary called Stripped. After viewing the film, Watterson liked it so much that he offered to draw up a poster for it, which the makers are boasting as the reclusive artist's first published cartoon in 19 years. Click through to watch the Stripped trailer and view a full-size version of the poster.

Cartoonists' 9/11 Tributes, Collected

Almost 100 comic strip artists used their Sunday strips this week to commemorate the tenth anniversary of 9/11. They range from simple visual tributes to full narratives that find humor in the way we remember tragedy. The strips are collected here and definitely worth a look.

Here's What a 'Calvin and Hobbes' Animated Series Would Look Like

Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Waterston has always been vehemently opposed to turning his beloved comic strip into an animated series – or repurposing it for any medium – but animator Adam Brown (Ugly Americans) made this short video, which gives an idea of what a Calvin and Hobbes show would look like. Brown commented on YouTube that he'd try to make more of these videos, which is great news as long as Bill Waterston doesn't catch wind of it. He should at least appreciate that the video is very respectful and loyal to his work  and a hell of a lot better than those "peeing Calvin" car decals.


Belgium: The Kingdom of Comics

Flemish humor. Sounds like a joke about my imminent Sinus infection from all this rain, right? Now that you’ve indulged me my one terrible pun, let’s talk about Flemish humor. Or more broadly, Belgian humor. Beloved by us Americans for exports like high-end chocolate or the Dardenne Brothers or the muscles from Brussels, Belgium also has rich cultural traditions that include humor. The whole Flemish reference comes from the division of Belgium into three regions, each with their own language community: the Flemish region, or Flanders (no relation to Ned), speaks a variation of Dutch; the Walloon Region speaks a kind of French; and then there is the [...]

Best. Comic Strip. Ever.

Here it is, the saddest comic in the world, about two brothers who love to quote The Simpsons. Read it and weep. [via]