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Norm Macdonald Gives the Best Advice of Any Commencement Speech This Year

Here's a new video from Funny or Die, in which Norm Macdonald delivers a brief but riveting 2014 commencement address and dispenses some priceless real-life advice, the kind of advice this year's graduates can truly use on a day-to-day basis in their adult lives.

Ed Helms Tells Cornell Graduates to Live Life Like Andy Bernard

Ed Helms delivered the commencement speech at the alma mater of his former Office character Andy Bernard over the weekend, and instead of warning graduates of the dangers behind Bernard's foolishness, he instead talked about why foolishness leads to success. Helms told the graduates about how much being a fool helped him get ahead in his comedy career, from the time he attempted then failed to put together a filmed Trans Am concert in Brooklyn when he was 22 years old to going on thousands of voiceover auditions to working for The Daily Show to why his years of playing Andy taught him why it's important for him "to be [...]

Steve Carell Spoke at Princeton's Commencement; Stuck it to Technology

It's too bad that comedians aren't constantly giving commencement speeches because they are great at it. Steve Carell is the most recent example of this phenomenon. He focused his speech on the youth's dependence on technology: "Have we lost touch with our simpler selves? I believe we have. And by we, I mean you." Perfection. Someone in the audience bootlegged the thing, so the quality isn't the best; however, on the bright side, you get to learn what the laugh of a Princeton graduate sounds like.

Mindy Kaling Turns the Tables in Her Anti-Advice Harvard Law Commencement Speech

Thanks to some help from MovingCommencementSpeeches.com, comedy TV star Mindy Kaling delivered an interesting speech to Harvard Law School graduates that's full of sweet Harvard burns ("You won't be able to buy a pickup truck rusty enough to distance yourself from this place"), and near the end, some serious talk about her family's very American Dream past. Considering Kaling is addressing a bunch of nerdy Harvard grads, she knew better than to drown them in a bunch of dramatic advice and instead did some proactive networking for her spectacular future divorce.

Charlie Day Tells College Graduates About the Importance of Risk, Failure, and Not Giving a Shit

Here's a recent commencement speech It's Always Sunny's Charlie Day gave to his alma mater Merrimack College that's two parts hilarious and one part sincerely enlightening. Day tells the story of turning down a comfy financial services job offer after college to instead move to New York to pursue an acting career, why "having a plan B can muddy up your plan A," and why failing is so important to success: "Do what's uncomfortable and scary and pays off in the long run."

Fred Armisen's Commencement Speech at Oregon Episcopal High School

You know, Conan wasn't the only comedian giving a commencement speech this past weekend. Fred Armisen also donned the ceremonial robes to impart some wisdom. Sure, it was for the Oregon Episcopal High School in Portland, not at Dartmouth, but did Coco get to give his speech from a podium that looks like an eagle? And did those Dartmouth grads get individual joke shoutouts from their speaker? I didn't think so. OEHS 1, Dartmouth, well, I was going to say 0, but I guess also 1. Nice work, everyone. [via]

Jim Carrey Delivers a Funny and Poignant Commencement Address About Love, Fear, and Failure

Carrying on the recent theme of funny people delivering excellent college commencement speeches about going after dreams and a willingness to fail, Jim Carrey gave his own speech to the graduates of Maharishi University over the weekend that's jam-packed with tons of great advice: "So many of us choose our path out of fear disguised as practicality. What we really want seems impossibly out of reach and ridiculous to expect, so we never dare to ask the universe for it. I'm saying I'm the proof that you can ask the universe for it." The whole video is well worth the watch, if for nothing else than the unveiling [...]

Watch Stephen Colbert Deliver a Joke-Filled Commencement Address

Here's Stephen Colbert giving University of Virginia's commencement address this weekend. It's basically a giant 14-minute pile of jokes and then three minutes of serious stuff.