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Watch Todd Barry Do Standup on 'Conan'

Todd Barry — who just released a new special via Louis C.K.'s website — did some standup on Conan last night, covering everything from cross-country red-eye flights to his three categories for all foods to his own First Annual Todd Barry Best Walgreens Awards, which he's not taking back from that store in Chicago just because of some police brutality.

Gillian Jacobs Explains to Conan Why She's in a Butt Monster Movie

Last year, Gillian Jacobs was in a movie with Ken Marino called Bad Milo, and on last night's Conan she explained why she couldn't turn down a movie about a butt monster who she eloquently described as "E.T. made out of intestines." All it takes for Jacobs to be proud of a recent project is whether or not it has a cool '80s-inspired poster with some shade tippin'.

Watch Steve Martin and Conan O'Brien Rehearse a 'Letterman'-Style Top 10 Bit

Here's a nice lighthearted break amid a day of sad news. Back in August, comedy superstars Steve Martin and Conan O'Brien delivered a Letterman-style Top 10 bit, and today the show released the above behind-the-scenes footage of their rehearsal. Though this may shatter the assumption that late night interviews aren't painstakingly rehearsed beforehand, Conan's frequent bursts of laughter sound very authentic.

Mel Brooks Talks Sid Caesar with Conan O'Brien

Last night, Mel Brooks paid Conan a visit to remember the great Sid Caesar. Above, watch Brooks and O'Brien compare Irish and Jewish funeral traditions then talk about Caesar's gibberish skills, then click through to watch Brooks explain why Caesar never went off to Hollywood.

Conan O'Brien Pays Tribute to Comedy Legend Sid Caesar

The great Sid Caesar passed away yesterday, so last night Conan saved a tiny moment of his show to recognize Caesar for inspiring him to get into comedy before he really understood what comedy was. It's a brief but beautiful moment for a man who has influenced Conan just as much as every other late night comedy show host working today, and hopefully in the future there will be a talk show host who credits Conan's string dance as their earliest comedy inspiration.

'Conan' Will Air a Week of Shows in Dallas Featuring Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, Tig Notaro, and More

Here's a promo for Conan's week of shows in Dallas, which will take place at the Magestic Theater from March 31st through April 3rd, right before the NCAA Final Four and National Championship. Here's the full lineup, which includes a bunch of dudes plus the wonderful Tig Notaro:

Monday, March 31: Adam Sandler and comedian Tig Notaro Tuesday, April 1: Seth Rogen and musical guest Phillip Phillips Wednesday, April 2: Simon Helberg and musical guest Eli Young Band Thursday April 3: Charles Barkley

Alex Trebek Gets Revenge on Conan and His Selective Editing

Jeopardy's Alex Trebek has had enough of Conan O'Brien editing together different Jeopardy clips to make him look like an insane fool, so he showed up on Conan last night to turn the tables and give O'Brien a taste of his own medicine. It's still hard to tell which one of these men is truly more mentally disturbed at the core level.

Watch Conan O'Brien Deliver a Bunch of Valentine's Flower Bouquets

Here's Conan O'Brien's latest remote segment, in which he hangs out at a flower shop and delivers some flowers to people on Valentine's Day and makes people cry (tears of joy, don't worry).

Mel Brooks to Appear on Conan O'Brien's Tribute Episode to Sid Caesar

Next week, Conan O'Brien is doing an extended tribute to comedy great Sid Caesar, who passed away Wednesday, and Mel Brooks is set to appear on it to discuss Caesar's career, TBS announced today. O'Brien gave a heartfelt speech about Caesar on his show Wednesday night, but will devote a good chunk of his episode on Tuesday the 18th to Caesar with Brooks sharing "his unique personal and professional stories" about working with the deceased.

Conan Gets Zombiefied in This 'Walking Dead'-Themed Cold Open

What was Mr. O'Brien up to the night of Leno's last Tonight Show? Conan had the cast of The Walking Dead on as guests last night, and the cold open for the episode was transformed to fit the walkers theme. Conan really seems to enjoy that makeup (or lack thereof).

Talking to 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Co-Creator Dan Goor

Network TV's best new sitcom, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, sure has had a successful first season. In its inaugural year, Brooklyn won two Golden Globes, received an early renewal for a second season, and got to air an episode in the coveted post-Super Bowl slot.

I recently chatted with Brooklyn Nine-Nine's co-creator and showrunner, Dan Goor, who got his start working on The Daily Show and Late Night with Conan O'Brien before becoming one of Parks and Recreation's key writers and eventually co-creating Brooklyn Nine-Nine with Parks mastermind Mike Schur. Goor and I discussed the future of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, what makes a good sitcom pilot, and having your [...]

Conan O'Brien Announces He's Hosting the 2014 MTV Movie Awards

Conan O'Brien announced last night that he'll be hosting the MTV Movie Awards — the only awards show that matters — on Sunday April 13th at 9:00pm, which won't conflict with all the hot TV shows on Sunday nights (they checked). The nominees will be announced tomorrow morning at 7:00am via MTV's website. This makes Conan's first MTV Movie Awards hosting gig; he's hosted the Emmys twice in 2002 and 2006 and also co-hosted in 2003.

Watch Fortune Feimster Do Standup on 'Conan'

Between getting a starring role on Tina Fey's upcoming Fox show, a half-hour Comedy Central special, and a standup spot on last night's Conan, Fortune Feimster has been one busy lady lately. Above, watch Feimster's Conan set, which covers everything from Hooters t-shirts to softball as a gateway sport to her resemblance to the Honey Boo Boo family.

Watch Ron Funches Talk Black Tuba Players and Defective Cats on 'Conan'

Rob Funches — who was announced as one of the standups who got a Comedy Central half-hour special this week — made his second appearance on Conan last night. Funches covers everything from black tuba players to American feline obesity statistics in his five-minute set, and really, what better way to start Valentine's Day than some jokes about defective Humane Society cats?