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5 Failed Attempts to Turn Comedy Movies Into Animated Series

Adapting a popular comedy movie into an animated series aimed at adults rarely works out, but it's still something Hollywood has been trying after decades of failed projects. In the 80s and 90s, there was a trend towards turning movies into Saturday morning cartoons, with Ghostbusters, The Mask, and Beetlejuice, amongst countless others, serving as the basis for successful kids shows. But when it comes to adult series, these animated adaptations always fail, with cartoon versions of Spaceballs, Clerks, Friday, and most recently, Napoleon Dynamite all being quickly canceled, all in 13 episodes or less. Despite the lack of success in the field, numerous comedy writers and studios have [...]

The Coneheads Prophesy: How a Kind Of Crappy Movie Predicted the Future of America and Ripened Into Relevancy

Imagine this scene: Military officials are in a panic over an unauthorized aircraft that is trespassing U.S. airspace in perilous proximity to the New York City skyline. In a last-second decision, dispatched F-16s open fire on the vessel, inflicting sufficient damage to force a crash-landing in the Hudson River. A horrible impact disrupts the water—a gasp of bedlam followed by an eerie silence. From the wreckage come two alien beings, buoying at the water’s surface, the colossal World Trade Center standing triumphantly in the background. Lightning ripples across the black sky, igniting a storm and issuing a warning: You are not welcome.

Surely you’re guessing that this ominous, [...]