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Frank Rich Dives Deep Into the Current State of Conservative Comedy

"Anyone who believes in free markets, as American conservatives profess to, should understand that few markets are as ruthless as show business. It is the customers, not some shadowy conspiratorial gatekeepers, who give comedians the hook—or catapult them into the capitalist nirvana of the one percent."

-Frank Rich, in an excellent piece for The New York Times called "Can Conservatives Be Funny?," which dives deep into the current state of conservative comedians and asks why there aren't more of them and why they aren't more successful.

Can Conservative Political Humor Be Funny? An Examination of The 1/2 Hour News Hour and An American Carol

The ½ Hour News Hour and An American Carol were a television show and feature film made by conservatives, for conservatives, at the expense of liberals. And yet their objective badness is perhaps one of the few issues in the last half decade on which liberals and conservatives are in agreement. They sought to prove that conservatives possess a quality sense of humor, and in failing, did just that.

Fox News Channel launched The ½ Hour News Hour in February 2007, billing the satirical “news” program as a right-wing retort to The Daily Show. Critical reception was negative from its infancy, including a then-record-low MetaCritic score of 12. In [...]