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There Will Be a Second 'Community' Convention This Year

In February, fans held the first-ever CommuniCon, a convention for the sitcom Community, at a community college in Los Angeles. Even though it hasn't been a year since the first CommuniCon, the event organizers are already planning a second one for October. February's event featured writer and actor panels and a speech/Q&A from then-unemployed Community creator Dan Harmon. CommuniCon should be a more joyous event this year now that Harmon is back on the show (although Donald Glover is taking a reduced role), rather than living in exile. CommuniCon 2 is currently planned for October 19-20th in Los Angeles, and you can follow the event's Tumblr and [...]

CommuniCon Will Be the World's First 'Community' Convention

Even though the internet is basically one giant 24/7 Community convention at this point, fans of the cult hit NBC sitcom are banding together to throw a real life convention for the show, one that involves people leaving their bedrooms and screens behind to talk about the show in real life for once. The first-ever Community convention, dubbed ComuniCon, will be held in L.A. on February 9th and 10th, 2013, according to an announcement on the event's Tumblr page. Those dates were selected to coincide with the show's February 7th season 4 premiere, and the event will be held at Los Angeles City College, where some exterior [...]