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Tom Papa Micromanages the Latest Episode of 'Cop Show'

Here's the newest episode of Colin Quinn's Cop Show featuring special guest Tom Papa, who seems more interested in sabotaging the production than focusing on his role. Sorry Mr. Hollywood, but in New York, micromanaging control freaks aren't welcomed with open arms.

Nick DiPaolo Guest Stars on the Latest Episode of Colin Quinn's 'Cop Show'

Here's the latest episode of Colin Quinn's fantastic new web series Cop Show, which features special guest Nick DiPaolo and a retired NYPD detective hired to work as a consultant on the show. Will Quinn and DiPaolo get through all the super accurate police jargon?

Here's the First Episode of Colin Quinn's New Web Series 'Cop Show'

Colin Quinn's new web series Cop Show just premiered its first episode. Directed by The Chris Gethard Show's J.D. Amato and costarring Keith Robinson, Sue Jean Kim, Peter Grosz, and Griffin Newman, Cop Show follows Quinn as he stars in a cheesy Law & Order ripoff that, according to the debut episode, has the reluctant backing of Jerry Seinfeld: "It's not comedy," Quinn reminds him. "This is humor." Jim Gaffigan, Michael Che, and Amy Schumer are all set to show up in future episodes.

Andy Samberg's Cop Show Keeps Sounding Better and Better – Joe Lo Truglio Joins the Cast

Joe Lo Truglio, of The State, Reno 911!, and Superbad fame, has been added to the cast of Andy Samberg's new Fox pilot, cementing its status as the most anticipated comedy pilot of 2013. Lo Truglio is the final series regular to join the untitled New York cop show, created by Parks and Recreation co-creator/showrunner Mike Schur and longtime Parks writer Dan Goor. He'll be playing Charles, a divorced veteran detective who looks up to top cop Jake (Samberg). The rest of the impressive cast is made up of Terry Crews (Everybody Hates Chris), Andre Braugher (Men of a Certain Age), stand-up Chelsea Peretti, and relative newcomers [...]

Jim Norton Plays a Rat in the Latest Episode of 'Cop Show'

Here's the newest installment of Colin Quinn's web series Cop Show featuring special guest Jim Norton, who plays a rat under interrogation by Quinn and his crew. The interns/writers behind Cop Show are clearly still relying on obvious metaphors to get their point across, but at least the metaphors Michael Che had to deal with were a little less insulting.

Jim Gaffigan Plays a Congolese Warlord in the Latest Episode of Colin Quinn's 'Cop Show'

Here's the latest episode of Colin Quinn's web series Cop Show with special guest Jim Gaffigan, who is about as reluctant to perform his Cop Show role as a Congolese drug warlord (tasked with a bunch of product integration, no less) as hipster drug ring leader Amy Schumer was last week.

Colin Quinn's New Web Series 'Cop Show' Premieres on February 18th

Colin Quinn has a new web series premiering later this month. According to The New York Times, Quinn will star in an eight-episode series called Cop Show, a satire following the production of crime drama shows in New York City. The weekly series will be available starting February 18th on LStudio.com and includes appearances from Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Gaffigan, Michael Che, and Amy Schumer. Longtime Chris Gethard Show writer/director J.D. Amato directed all eight episodes.

Two Actresses Join Andy Samberg and Mike Schur's Cop Show Pilot

Andy Samberg and Parks and Rec co-creator Mike Schur are making a pilot for an untitled Fox comedy about a police precinct on the edge of New York City, and the show just added two new cast members this week. According to The Hollywood Reporter, actresses Stephanie Beatriz (pictured, left) and Melissa Fumero (right) have each signed on to be regulars on the potential series, joining a cast that also includes Samberg and Terry Crews. Beatriz, best known for a recent guest spot as Sofia Vergara's sister on Modern Family, will play Meghan, a tough and frightening police officer who scares both criminals and the other cops. Fumero, [...]

Colin Quinn and Michael Che Fight Over Coffee Metaphors on 'Cop Show'

Here's the latest episode of Colin Quinn's web series Cop Show featuring special guest Michael Che, who plays a rookie cop named Picasso and gets into an argument with Quinn about solving racial problems in America through the classic coffee/cream metaphor. Thanks to the Cop Show interns, there are also a few very on the nose references to Quinn and Che's connection as Weekend Update anchors too.

Amy Schumer Plays a Hipster Drug Ring Leader in Colin Quinn's 'Cop Show'

Colin Quinn's fantastic new web series Cop Show premiered last week, and the second episode featuring special guest Amy Schumer was released this afternoon. Schumer plays herself, who is in turn playing the leader of a "female hipster drug gang," albeit a little reluctantly. Hopefully Quinn appreciates the favor.

Talking to Colin Quinn About Standup, Twitter Hate, and 'Girls' Season 3

SNL veteran Colin Quinn, who sarcastically hails himself as “one of the great writers in the entertainment industry,” will host the 66th annual Writers Guild Awards in New York Saturday. Quinn is currently touring his one-man show Colin Quinn: Unconstitutional (nicknamed “The Toosh”) and appearing on Girls as Alex Karpovsky’s bespectacled, coffee-shop-owning mentor. He’s also working with old friends Jim Norton, Nick DiPaolo and Tom Papa on a very meta Jerry Seinfeld-produced cop show about making a cop show. It’s called Cop Show.

I recently had a chance to talk to Quinn about his thoughts on the New York standup scene, the sheer vitriol he faces [...]

Andy Samberg Cast in Michael Schur's Cop Show

Fresh off his SNL departure, Andy Samberg has been cast in Parks and Recreation co-creator Michael Schur's new cop sitcom for Fox, Deadline reports. Two months ago, Fox won the untitled show, which was created by Schur and fellow Parks writer/producer Dan Goor, in a bidding war between the big four networks. Samberg will be playing the lead detective in a precinct on the edge of NYC, overseeing a diverse team of officers. Michael Schur, who wrote on Saturday Night Live prior to Samberg's stint on the long-running sketch show, had good fortune casting ex-SNL-er Amy Poehler as the lead in this current series, and he and [...]