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Michael Che Is Making His 'Daily Show' Debut Tonight

Standup and former SNL writer Michael Che is set to make his debut as a Daily Show correspondent tonight. He'll be doing a segment on current election news. Che was hired by The Daily Show in April, joining Samantha Bee, Jason Jones, Aasif Mandvi, Jessica Williams, Al Madrigal, and Jordan Klepper as the latest addition to the show's news team. Che is the second new correspondent this year, following Klepper, who debuted in March.

In a recent interview with us, Che discussed joining The Daily Show:

My agency was like "They're looking for somebody. Would you be interested in taping?" so we sent in [...]

'The Daily Show' Correspondents Train with Trains for the Republican Convention

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This was a good warm-up convention choice because Republicans are a lot like trains. They are sturdy and loud and…ummmm… made of metal and run on fossil fuels and were featured prominently on last week's Breaking B— OK, fine, they're nothing like trains. You think you're so smart, knowing what is and is not like a train. Well, your mom is like a train: people get on and off [...]

'The Daily Show' Hires Jordan Klepper as Its Newest Correspondent

Comedy Central announced today that they've hired comedian Jordan Klepper to be a new correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Klepper will make his first appearance on the show tonight, reporting "live" from the Ukraine.

Klepper has been a regular improv and sketch performer at New York's UCB Theatre for three years. Prior to that, he got his start via Chicago's comedy scene, performing at the Second City and iO theaters. Along with his wife and frequent collaborator Laura Grey, Klepper co-created and co-starred in the UCB Comedy-produced pilot presentation Engaged, which they later turned into a web series. His TV credits include IFC's Bunk and MTV's [...]

'The Daily Show' Correspondents Explain Politics and Political Stuff

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Politics? More like politricks? More like poly-Trix, which is that thing when multiple cartoon rabbits slowly feed you fruit-flavored cereal, as if they were grapes, as if you were an Ancient Greek aristocrat. As you can tell, I don't know anything about politics but thankfully The Daily Show correspondents are here to help with these helpful information informationals. Watch them with your friends, family, and favorite cartoon rabbit.